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2011 Fabby Award Winners


Lightest on Your Wallet

Other Place Restaurant — The Other Place Restaurant “is the place” according to QSaltLake readers for the most faaabulous cuisine for the price. The diner-style interior, the mmm-mmm-good Greek menu (and some American dishes for those who side more with Little Bo Peep) and of course the selection of beer deserve kudos.
2. Bayleaf Café | 3. Off Trax Café

After-Hours Cravings

The Pie Pizzeria — Voted most faaabulous by insomniacs, swing-shifters and bar flies, The Pie Pizzeria is the late-night restaurant of choice. Established in 1980, it’s been home to drunken frat boys for over 30 years — no wonder the gays love it! Or it could be because it’s the only place in town to get 23 inches for under $30.
2. Bayleaf Café | 3. Off Trax Café

Best Most Important Meal of the Day

Blue Plate Diner — Breakfast makes your brain work better and your body look better, and Blue Plate Diner knows how to feed both. The diner has a retro 1960’s flair. And really, where can you get Corned Beef and Hash anymore? Ooo … and their “benes” are to die for!
2. Other Place Restaurant | 3. Off Trax


Sage’s Café — Nestled between the Other Place Restaurant and Dick N’ Dixies is the rustic and charming Sage’s Café. This multi-award winning vegetarian/vegan/organic restaurant has been keeping people healthy for years, and hopefully for more to come. And just looking at owner Ian Brandt is truly an organic experience.
2. Vertical Diner | 3. Omar’s Rawtopia

Contemporary Restaurant

Bambara — Located in the Hotel Monaco, Bambara is a lavish, yet comfortable fine-dining bistro with a full-exhibition kitchen. Patrons will be awed by Chef Nathan Powers’ brilliance with a saute pan and paring knife … sorry that’s all I know about kitchenware. Bambara offers catering and is also equipped for banquets.
2. Metropolitan | 3. Meditrina

Nineteen Minutes From the 1300 East On-Ramp of I-80

Riverhorse on MainQSaltLake readers consider Park City’s Riverhorse on Main the most faaabulous restaurant in the quaint ski and tourist town. With a large and airy dining area, contemporary art décor, live entertainment and full red wine list, it’s no wonder that Riverhorse is the stallion of Park City.
2. Wahso | 3. Bandit’s Grill

Best Asian Cuisine

Thai Garden & Noodle House — With a new location in the gayborhood of 9th and 9th, Thai Garden is adored by the homos, probably because of our fiery tongues. Offering authentic signature dishes, the owner/chef says she like her menu spicy. “Most Americans think medium is spicy,” she said. “When people order hot in my restaurant, I say it’s really hot.”
2. Sapa | 3. J. Wong’s

Best Restaurant to be Incognito

Chuck-A-Rama — Just go dressed like you’re Ruby Ridge and you’ll be faaabulous … although she prefers our second-place winner.
2. Coachmen’s

South of the Border Cuisine

Red Iguana — For as many years as QSaltLake has been around, the Red Iguana has won the coveted Fabby Award for Best Mexican restaurant, and with good reason. The owners have even expanded in the last couple years or so: Red Iguana 2 opened just one-and-a-half blocks away to accommodate their clientele, and Taste of Red Iguana, a food court vendor, is located in the City Creek Center. Unfortunately Michael Aaron awarded the CCC a Crabby Award last year for its prison-like cafeteria décor.
2. Rio Grande | 3. Frida Bistro

Best ‘Shuck and Jive’ Dive

Kitty Pappas Steak House — Located in Bountiful, this hole-in-the-wall could easily leave you hog-tied or worse, but I don’t see how being hog-tied is all that bad, really. Owned by Kitty and “Crazy” Dave, you’re always in for a real treatment. Word of advice, don’t ask for steak sauce, it turns uuuggly!

Best Mediterranean

The Med — Previously known as Café Med, this super gay-friendly restaurant offers a wide range of “Mediterranean Sea-adjacent” foods. The wait staff is attentive, the ambience casual and the price affordable. I really like their tzatziki sauce, but just how the word rolls of the tongue is titillating in itself.
2. The Other Place

Cheesy Goodness

La Frontera — This well-known Mexican restaurant is what keeps Wisconsin on the map.

Holy Wasabi

Sapa — Sushi is truly a way of life, and Sapa makes life faaabulous. Plus, our faaabulous restaurant critic Chef Drew Ellsworth recently rated Sapa at a 95 out of 100 points. Holy wasabi, that’s hot! Sapa is a combination of traditional Asian cuisine but is heavily influenced by Vietnamese and Thai dishes, says Drew, and a place where you really have to “man up.”
2. Ginza

Do it Raw

Omar’s Rawtopia – Organic Live Food — Raw foodist and chef Omar Abou-Ismail is the only game in town for raw food. Raw foodists believe that cooking food depletes important enzymes that the body craves and that processed foods, with all of the preservatives, additives and dyes, contain excitotoxins that damage nerve cells. Omar says that making raw food a major component of your diet will make “your cells rejoice and you will never look at food the same way again!

Best Steak House

Christopher’s Prime Steak House & Grill — With two locations and faaabulous steak choices including the Portabella Bleu Cheese Filet Mignon, the Ribeye “Cowboy” Chop and the Cajun Ribeye with Sauteed Peppers and Onions, just to name a few, Christopher’s is definitely deserving of a Fabby Award.

2. Spencer’s Steakhouse & Chops

Food & Drink

A Slice of Heaven

Stoneground Pizza — Who’d think pizza could be so intriguing? Stoneground spins out some fascinating gourmet pizzas: From their Forest Mushroom & Goat pizza to their Bob’s Late Night pizza, you’re always in for a faaabulous treat. Be sure to thank Bob’s grandmother, most menu items she created.
2. Settebello | 3. Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta

Best Sandwiches

Toaster’s DeliQSaltLake readers have once again voted Toaster’s as creating the most faaabulous sandwiches. With two, hip-chic downtown locations you have plenty of chances to enjoy a classic Reuben or go a little bold with the Spicy Buffalo Chicken.
2. Tin Angel | 3. Robin’s Nest

Best Cupcakes

Mini’s Mini Cupcakes — Just walking through the door makes Michael Aaron feel bigger. When you eat a Mini’s cupcake you are eating: Unbleached flour, unsweetened applesauce, eggs, cream, milk, unsalted butter, cream cheese, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla, baking powder, salt, soybean oil and fresh or frozen whole fruit. And they can get all that into a itsy-bitsy cupcake … how faaabulous!
2. Diva’s | 3. Les Madeleine’s

Where to Spend Your Sunday After-Mornings

Ruth’s Diner — For more than 80 years, this quaint restaurant with a huge-ass faaabulous patio has been serving the most faaabulous brunches. Plus you can enjoy live music while you suck down Pink Flamingoes, yeah baby! Let’s hope the flooding didn’t take too much of a toll on the place. If it did — gays to the rescue!
2. The Dodo | 3. Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta

Where to Spend Your Head-Pounding Sunday After-Mornings

Squatter’s Pub — Of course a pub for “hair of the dog,” right? But you can’t do any better than Squatter’s because seriously $2 mimosas and Bloody Marys … girl, need I say more. OK, and the food is faaabulous.
2. Off Trax | 3. Red Rock Brewing Co.

Where to be Seen Sunday After-Mornings

Market Street Oyster Bar (Downtown) — If you’re not there, you’re square. If you are, you’re faaabulous.

Best Caterer

Le Croissant — For me, it’s actually Kelly Lake … she’s faaabulous! She reads my stuff. When I get hitched or even when I lose my wisdom teeth, I’m calling Le Croissant.
2. Cuisine Unlimited | 3. Culinary Crafts

The Cookie Monster

RubySnap – Tami’s dough is miles above Pillsbury. Please, coconut carrot curry with coconut cream frosting cookies … she can turn anyone into a Cookie Monster — thank goodness I look good in blue.

Best Curry

Thai Siam — From Gang Keow Wan to Gang Panan … you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Well, trust us, the Q staff loves Thai Siam curries.
2. Sawadee | 3. Good Karma

Best Wine & Beer Selection

Meditrina — This small plates and wine bar really does have the most faaabulous selection of beer — I mean where can you get a Pabst Blue Ribbon anymore? Plus, partners Amy and Jen really know their wines, although they don’t always agree on which are the best; maybe that’s why they offer such a huge selection.

Best Jitters

Coffee Garden — Located in the 9th & 9th gayborhood, wwweee lllllooovvvve theirrr coooffffeeee!
2. Café Marmalade | 3. Raw Bean Coffee

Best Tea

Tea Grotto — Their selection alone will have your head spinning but luckily your heart rate won’t spaz out. Remember that song: Tea for two and two for tea … gotta love Tony Bennett and Tea Grotto.
2. Elizabeth’s English Bakery & Tea Shop   | 3. Beehive Tearoom

Best Chocolate Addiction

Hatch Family Chocolates — Everyone loves chocolate (especially during foreplay) but nobody feeds the addiction like the Hatch family. For the spring they’re offering chocolate suckers, chocolate foiled eggs and caramel-chocolate sea salt Matzoh … faaabulous!

Best Burgers

Busy Bee Bar & Grill — Faaabulous garlic burgers, but the Q Towers smells funny after lunch. So we’ve decided to be closed on Mondays … tehehe!
2. Millie’s | 3. Hire’s


Best Dance Club

Club JAM — After winning nearly every other Fabby Award since they opened for their faaabulous décor, sexy bartenders and terrific DJs, Club JAM is finally taking home honors for the best dance club. Superstar DJs Harry Cross Jr. and Mike Babbitt are sure to get you sweating, and their beats are pretty good too. And it’s certainly not a coincidence that JAM also won the award for ‘Best Place to Hook Up.’
2. Püre | 3. Club Metro

Best Place to Hook Up

Club JAM — There’s no doubt that Club JAM has all the hotties; bartenders, DJs and clientele. The dance floor is always packed with sexy guys and girls, the patio grill and bar serves up delicious hot food and cold drinks, you just can’t go wrong here. Check out the sexy vibe and find a guy, or two to take home.
2. Püre

Best Place to Be Friday Nights

Club JAM — After winning the selections for ‘Best Dance Club’ and ‘Best Place to Hook Up,’ it only makes sense that Club JAM also wins the ‘Best Place to Be Friday Nights.’ How else do you kick-off the weekend? The Friday night crowd is always sexy and DJs Mike Babbitt and Harry Cross Jr. know how to get the crowd excited.
2. Püre | 3. Club Try-Angles

Best Place to Be Saturday Nights

Club JAM — And best place to be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. What can we say? Everyone loves JAM. On Saturday nights the dance floor opens with the Boom-Boom Room and from twinks to bears, the eye candy is enough to make you shake. Step outside on the patio for a smoke or to meet the sexy guy you’ve been ogling all night.
2. Fusion at Metro | 3. Club Try-Angles

Favorite Bartender

Brian Gordon (Club JAM) — Perhaps it was his five years of being a 911 dispatcher mixed with two years of being an air mattress — I mean working at JetBlue — or maybe it’s because he likes to show some skin while working, that makes our readers love Club JAM, because he is the hands-down winner for best bartender this year. Gordon also runs the club’s karaoke nights on Wednesdays and Sundays, winning our best karaoke DJ award last year.
2. Jim Smith (Club Try-Angles)   |   3. Jabe Hatch (The Trapp)

Best Place to Sing Karaoke

The Tavernacle — The straight-friendly karaoke nights on Sunday and Tuesday are some of the most popular times to visit this faaabulous piano bar. The Powerball Karaoke every Tuesday is a new twist on an old favorite. With some of the best martinis and cheapest drinks in town, a night out to the Tavernacle will entertain gay and straight alike.
2. Club Try-Angles | 3. Club JAM   |   4. Paper Moon

Best Gay-Friendly Bar

The Tavernacle — Just a short walk from the Trax stop, The Tavernacle is perfect for mixed-orientation crowds. The gays take over the bar on Sundays and Tuesdays for Powerball Karaoke, but owners Scott Alexander and Mason Simmons make sure everyone is welcome all seven nights of the week. The bar is well-staffed so even on the most crowded nights, there’s never a wait for a drink of liquid courage before belting out your favorite sing-along hit.
2. Area 51 | 3. W Lounge

Best Afternoon Crowd

The Trapp — There’s no better place to grab a cool beer and a table with friends on a warm summer afternoon. The cheap drinks and convenient hours will bring you to the bar, and the welcoming bartenders will keep you coming back. A staple in the Utah gay community, where else can you get a beer in a Mason jar at 11 a.m.? The recent addition of free wireless Internet makes it easy to hammer out that term paper while you enjoy the country-style pub.
2. Club Try-Angles | 3. Paper Moon

Best New Afternoon Crowd

Dick N’ Dixie’s — Who knew there were windows underneath all that woodwork?! This reincarnated bar, that used to be a cold, dark and damp bar called Andy’s, is now a warm and welcoming hot spot for gay and straight patrons alike. With a trendy, open-spaced environment and friendly bartenders, Dick N’ Dixie’s is one of the trendiest spots in Salt Lake. Stop by in the afternoon for beer on tap and the house Dickel Whiskey. There’s also plenty of sweet mixers for those looking for a fruitier cocktail.

Best Place for Drag Queen Sightings

Cyber Slut Bingo — The plus-sized camp drag queens make raising money for different local charities sexy, scandalous, ludicrous and a hell of a lot of fun. Once a month the queens pull out their Aqua Net and heels to host a raucous bingo night for fabulous prizes. Grab a beer and watch the show, this is the place to be on the second Friday of every month.
2. Paper Moon | 3. Third Friday Bingo

Best Drink Prices

Club Try-Angles — No surprise here. Club Try-Angles is a true neighborhood bar that has one of the most loyal crowds in Salt Lake. The cute bartenders, welcoming owners, pool tables and dart boards all help bring in the loyalists, but the cheap drinks keep them coming back. From beer to shots, you’ll be hard-pressed to find cheaper drinks.
2. Trapp | 3. The Tavernacle

Best Interior Overhaul

The Garage — Transitioning from The Jimax to The Garage took some time, but this neighborhood bar and grill now welcomes a diverse and eclectic crowd. Gone are the days of being a hole-in-the-wall, now the Garage’s cozy interior is filled with brick and dark wood. While it’s not technically gay, one of the co-owners of JAM helped open it, and this bar on the north end of town is opening up to all different crowds. The classy atmosphere and delicious cocktails make this a no-brainer for the gays.

Best Local Brewery

Uinta — Since 1993 the Uinta Beer Company has helped disperse the myth that you can’t get a good beer in Utah. The recent addition of eco-friendly four plus beers are a tasty alternative and are a perfect fit for the environmentally conscience.
2. Squatters Pub | 3. Red Rock Brewing

Best Micro-Brewery

Wasatch Brewing Co. — Most will recognize the Wasatch-brand beers, Polygamy Porter (“Why have just one?”), First Amendment Lager, and the 8-percent The Devastator. But what many people don’t know is that all these drinks are available on-tap in a full-service bar and cantina in Park City. In addition to some of the best drinks in the state, the restaurant offers mouth-watering burgers and other grill items in a kid-free environment.
2. Deseret Edge | 3. Red Rock Brewing

Best New Utah Liquor

Underground — The 80-proof hard liquor made in Ogden will remind you of Jagermeister. The licorice and spice taste and creamy textured drink is now served in 31 states. To give this a “shot” both Club Try-Angles and Club JAM are now offering it. Even if you’re not a huge Jager fan, give this a try and support Utah’s second liquor distillery.

Arts & Culture

Best Local Theatre Company

Plan-B Theatre Company — Again!!?! Plan-B has more Fabbies than I do shoes … and that’s a royal feat (no pun intended, if it was spelled correctly). Maybe it should be called Plan-A because it seems to be working for them. Congrats Jerry, love ya!
2. Salt Lake Acting Co.   |   3. Pioneer Theatre Co.

Best Art Gallery or Museum

Utah Museum of Fine Arts — Located on the University of Utah campus, this 74,000 square foot gallery has a collection that now encompasses 5000 years of art. That’s a faaabulous bounty of sculptures, artifacts, paintings, etc. They also offer lectures, films and guided tours.
2. Salt Lake Art Center   |   3. Phillips Gallery

Best Visual Artist

Trevor Southey — A BYU alumni His media include drawing, printmaking, painting, stained glass, and sculpture. His most recent exhibit, Trevor Southey: Reconciliation, is most likely what garnered him the Fabby Award.
2. Troy Hunter | 3. Derek Dyer

Best Play or Musical of 2010

Angels in America (SLAC) — Considered Salt Lake Acting Company’s “benchmark play” from 40 years of producing amazing theater, Angels in America was the most poignant choice. The stellar cast, Alexis Baigue, Charles Lynn Frost, Colleen Baum, Lucas Bybee, Sean J. Carter, Alexander Bala, Nell Gwynn and Christy Summerhays, was pivotal in making Angels in America the most faaabulous play of 2010.
2. Saturday’s Voyeur (SLAC)   |   3. Hair (Egyptian Theatre)

Best Special Engagement Show of 2010

Angels in America: Perestroika (SLAC) — It’s only fitting for Perestroika to win the Fabby in this category. The QSaltLake readers really have it down pat … you’re all super faaabulous!
2. Radio Hour: Marathon (Plan-B)   |   3. Brothers & Sister feat. Sister Dottie (SLMC)

Best Dance Company

Odyssey Dance Company — The readers of QSaltlake have awarded Odyssey Dance Co. with the coveted Fabby Award, and it’s truly deserving. Derryl, Annie, Christina and Eldon (yummy!) and the entire company are simply faaabulous. Thanks for the many years of Thriller and Shut Up & Dance.
2. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Co.   |   3. Repertory Dance Co.

Best Dance Program of 2010

Shut Up & Dance (Odyssey) — The company did an amazing rendition of Romeo & Juliet that moved me to tears, and apparently the QSaltLake readers as well. Eldon Johnson (yummy!) as Romeo and Jen Pendleton as Juliet were faaabulous. Accompanied with Giselle and Let It Be, Odyssey’s Shut Up & Dance is well-deserving of a Fabby.
2. Mystique (RDT)   |   3. Configurations (Ririe-Woodbury)

Best Make-out Movie Theater

The Tower — Mostly because that’s where I had my first gay make-out session … faaabulous!
2. Brewvies couches

Best Arts Event Worth the Trip

Utah Festival Opera — It’s really the only reason to go to Logan, and you’ll have a superb time.
2. Utah Shakespearean Festival

Best Place to Get your Rainbow On

Festival of Colors — Also known as the Holi Festival, this annual event is faaabulous. Thousands flock to it for the pretty colors … bunch of homos.

Best Outdoor Venue

Red Butte Garden — Hosting fabulous artists like the Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlile, Joan Baez and Sheryl Crow — and the renovations to the stage and bathrooms a few years back makes it the most faaabulous outdoor venue. Plus, it’s just damn pretty.
2. Deer Valley

Best Indoor Venue

The Complex — It’s new and faaabulous at 42,000 square feet. It’s divided into four areas to host four events at the same time … fabulous. The Vibe has a full bar, food, televisions and VIP seating; Vertigo also has a full bar and VIP seating; Rockwell is an all-age venue, and has a beer garden; and The Grand is an all-age venue.
2. Urban Lounge | 3. The State Room


Best Adult Toy Store

Cahoots — From G-rated candy and cards, to X-rated toys, you’ll find it all at Cahoots. If you haven’t spent an afternoon wandering the store and browsing the selection of sex toys, lube and other devilish delights, you need to get there ASAP!
2. Blue Boutique | 3. Mischievous

Best Elephant Gift Store

Cahoots — When you just have to get that card that’s going to make your boyfriend blush, Cahoots is your first, and only stop. The selection of cards and other random rainbow-colored products will make you feel right at home.
2. Cabin Fever | 3. Mischievous

Best Thrift or Consignment Clothing

Pib’s Exchange — From Halloween costumes to your new outfit you’re going to rock at Püre, Pib’s Exchange has it all. The vintage clothing store has many different styles, sizes, designers and prices. Before paying full price for designer labels, be sure to check out this faaabulous alternative.
2. Our Store | 3. Decades

Best Jewelry

Charley Hafen Jewelers — From a hotel-lobby jewelry shop more than 20 years ago, to an independently-owned jewelry store with a wide selection of in-shop made items, you can’t go wrong with Charley Hafen. So stop by and check out the beautiful selection and pick up the commitment ring of your dreams.
2. Kings Custom Jewelers   |   3. 9th & 9th Jewelers (The Vug)

Best Flower Shop

Twigs — After winning nearly every flower-themed award QSaltLake has bestowed, why should Raymond King stop now? The year-round selection of beautiful arrangements of everything from roses to tulips, you’re sure to impress if you buy from Twigs. And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is just around the corner!
2. Flower Patch

Best Bookstore

King’s English Bookshop — For the second year running, the King’s English Bookshop won your hearts amidst stiff competition. The cozy independent store fights on attracting book clubs and local authors. This Sugar House store has been a Utah gem for more than 30 years.
2. Sam Weller’s   |   3. Ken Sander’s Rare Books

Best Consignment Store for Furniture and Home Decor

Now & Again — Now & Again is Salt Lake’s premier vintage and consignment furniture local. Blending the best from the past with the hippest products, the owner, Michael Sanders, has created a store unlike any other in Utah. So stop by and visit Michael, who always has a smile and a stunning selection.
2. Our Store | 3. Abode

Best Underwear Selection

Cockers — Cockers. Underwear. You do the math. But really, there’s only one place in Salt Lake to find the best Andrew Christian, Papi, 2(x)ist and all the other designed labels. Before heading to your late-night rendevouz or the infamous Club Try-Angles underwear night, stop by Cockers.

Best Cigar Store

Knuckleheads — Stop by for the fantastic selection of cigars and hand-blown glass pipes, and stay for a smoke with the hysterical and sexy employees. A true neighborhood staple, even if you’re not a smoker, it’s worth a visit.
2. Jeanie’s Smoke Shop

Best for Rolling Out the Red Carpet

The Carpet Barn — From measuring to selection and installation, The Carpet Barn has just what you’re looking for. We especially love the fabulous selection of carpet we found that would be soft and easy on the back, oh and stain resistant.

Q Fabulous

Best QSaltLake Columnist

Troy Williams — With his musings on memes, assimilationism, radical self-expression and his disdain for anything Republican, former Utah Eagle Forum flunky Troy Williams has cultivated a huge following on our pages, on-air at KRCL-FM and on his blog at queergnosis.com. “Utah Eagle Forum???” you ask? Yes. In his early days out of college, this free spirit was once in the hands of the Ruzicka. Luckily for us, he found his way and burst into the scene like a man on a mission. Wait, not that kind of mission. Williams, when not undermining everything Utah stands for with political street theater, he interviews everyone from authors of thought-provoking books to Roseanne Barr.
2. Ruby Ridge | 3. Ben Williams

Best Story of 2010

Living with HIV in Utah — JoSelle Vanderhooft’s story on “Living with HIV in Utah” touched on difficult themes for our community. Several brave men gave their name and face to the story to show what HIV-positive people are going through in this state, including alienation, lack of services, a waiting list to receive treatment, etc. We also revealed some areas of concern in our service organizations, and praised them for what they are doing right. The prevalance of people lying about their status on dating websites was also discussed.
2. Trevor Southey’s Life in Art   |   3. My Last Shot

Best Q Event in 2010

Q Day at Lagoon — Taking over the amusement park for Q Day at Lagoon once a year received top honors for Q events once again this year. A sea of red shirts can be seen across the entire park while riding the Sky Ride. The event grows in number each year and has now reached the thousands. This year’s event will take place Sunday, Aug. 7.
2. Cyndi Lauper in Wendover   |   3. Annual Fabby Awards Ceremony


Favorite Leader of a Queer Organization

Brandie Balken (EU) — Some might see parallels between having a love for compost and having a love for politics, but such is the life of Brandie Balken, who moved from interiorscape specialist with Cactus & Tropicals to executive director of Equality Utah after Mike Thompson left the post in 2009. A nationwide search yielded Balken as the best choice to helm the group and she has proven them right at every turn.
2. Valarie Larabee (Utah Pride Center)   |   3. Kari Beattie (sWerve)

Favorite Leader from Up North

Gary Horenkamp — More of a listener than a talker, Gary Horenkamp is more of a mentor than an organizational leader. As director of Ogden’s OUTReach Resource Center, a drop-in center for youth housed at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden, Horenkamp spends as much time chasing funding as he does creating a safe and welcoming space. With a masters degree in counseling and 20 years in the military, he has exactly what the group needs: structure, an open ear, a friendly smile and passion for his job.
2. Allison Black (PFLAG Ogden)

Favorite Local or State Politician

Mayor Peter Corroon — While Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon may have fallen short in his race to be the next governor of Utah, he was able to take the top spot for this year’s favorite politician Fabby Award. We’re sure that this is a close second in his life goals and we congratulate him for achieving it. Corroon is an ardent supporter of the recent non-discrimination laws passed in cities and counties across the state, including his. He also supports extending health benefits to same-sex partners. Interestingly, for a Fabby winner, he also is against gay marriages or civil unions in the state. Perhaps there is more work to be done with him.
2. Ben McAdams | 3. Ross Romero

Best 2010 Performance by Local Actor

Alexis Baigue/Saturday’s Voyeur (SLAC) — Once a concert choir vocalist, Baigue first felt the acting-itch when he was 16 years old. He attended acting classes at the Salt Lake Community College, then entered the University of Utah Actor Training program. Over the following 20 years, Baigue has performed in numerous stage productions. His performance in this year’s Saturday’s Voyeur was super-duper faaabulous, but have you ever seen him play a parrot? It’s creepily and faaabulously uncanny.
2. Joe Debevc/ She Was My Brother (Plan-B)   |   3. Luke Monday/Hair (Egyptian Theatre)


Best Social Group

Simply Social — For some, Wednesday nights is American Idol night, but for a growing number of gay people, it’s time to socialize, build friendships and have dinner at various restaurants around town. The brainchild of Richard Matthews and Cesar Romero, Simply Social is growing into a large, vibrant community of its own.
2. Utah Male Naturists | 3. ROTC-SLC

Best Political or Service Group

Equality Utah — Few groups in the country can point to nearly a dozen municipalities passing pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender ordinances under their belt as Equality Utah can. The group wades through the political waters of this red state with tenacity, prudence and intelligence.
2. Utah Pride Center   |   3. Utah Stonewall Democrats

Best Religious or Spiritual Organization

Unitarian Universalist Society — UUS is considered by some to be Christianity-light, by others as more a weekly political rally than sermon, and by its members as a mix of spirituality, social conscience and social activism. South Valley UUS sported a huge rainbow flag years above its door for years. Ogden UUS hosts OUTReach Resource Center and was integral to the passage of their city’s nondiscrimination ordinances. Salt Lake UUS has long been known for its support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, even allowing mostly-gay Metropolitan Community Church to share its space for years in the 1980s.
2. Queer Spirit | 3. LDS Reconciliation

Best Sports Organization

QUAC — Men and women in Speedos is not a hard sell in this community, but the Queer Utah Aquatics Club is more than that. One of the best-organized athletic organizations in the state, the group sponsors swim meets that draw people of all persuasions and skills, travels to international competitions and hosts fun social events and fundraisers.
2. GoodTimes Bowling   |   3. Lambda Hiking Club


Best Salon

Landis Salons — Getting your hair did at the Landis Salons is so much more than just a haircut. Aside from the sexy eye-candy, expect a scalp rubdown while sitting in massage chairs. Why don’t we have those for the office?

Best in Skin

A New Day Spa — The family-run, full-service spa is the place to go to be rubbed, scrubbed, cut and polished. From hair extensions to express facials, A New Day Spa will help you glow. Step through the doors and experience customized skin care at its finest.
2. Skinworks | 3. Dr. Douglas Woseth

Best Massage

Pride Massage — For all you kinky boys and girls out there, Pride Massage can help you, well, get unkinked. The strong hands and beautiful-bodied therapists will tailor your massage to your needs. From back rubs to foot massages, they’ve got you all covered.
2. Kevin Guzik | 3. Massage Bodywork

Best Photographer

David Daniels — Selecting your favorite photographer was difficult, and the competition was stiff. But Daniels’ ability to capture the personality and emotion in a moment helped win you over. And his cute smile probably didn’t hurt.
2. David Newkirk | 3. Brian Gordon

Best Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Lender

Babs De Lay — She pulls in her second consecutive Fabby Award for this category. She’s been a player in the community and represents the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community with fierce passion.
2. Scott Alexander | 3. Tony Fantis

Best to be Inked

SLC Ink Tattoo — Simply put, SLC Ink Tattoo is the best. The cleanest shop, the friendliest employees and the best artists in town. They just can’t be beat.
2. Big Deluxe Tattoo

Best Piercing Parlor

Koi — After going to Koi it’s easy to say it’s the best place to get pierced in Salt Lake. The store is cozy and clean with service-minded employees.
2. Iris Piercing

Best Attorney

Doug Fadel — Helping people of all orientations and identities, a cute smile and a well-sculpted body helped Doug pull in his second consecutive Fabby Award. He can help with estate planning and all the other necessities in working around the lack of marriage equality in the state.
2. Lauren Barros | 3. Marva Match

Best Counseling Services

Pride Counseling — The gay-owned and operated guild of allied therapists consistently gets your vote and takes home the award for being the most faaabulous counseling service. Check them out for holistic alternative methods.
2. Don Austin | 3. Jim Struve

Best Insurance Agent

Jon Jepsen — Forget the stuffy and boring image that’s conjured up when you normally think of insurance agents. Jon Jepsen is a commissioner for the Utah Human Rights Campaign and on the board of the Utah Pride Center.
2. Dan Rodriquez | 3. Steven Fisher

Best for Keeping a Roof Over Your Head

Aspen Roofing — April showers bring May flowers and a lot of leaky roofs and sliding shingles. Call Aspen Roofing for a free quote on all your roofing needs. From Ogden to Orem and everything in between, Aspen Roofing has got you covered.
2. Freedom Roofing   |   3. Wesley Green Roofing

Best Pet Stylist

Dog Show

There’s never an expense too great to make Fido as comfortable and beautiful as possible. After spending more on your dog’s Halloween costume than your own, taking your pets to the best grooming and boarding school in the valley should be a no-brainer, no matter the cost! Luckily, the Dog Show has all the best facilities and employees at a very competitive price.
2. Dogs R Us |   3. Camp Bow Wow   |   4. Dog Mode

Best Butt Crack

Shawn Hall Plumbing — When you need to have your pipes cleared, pumped and drained, there’s only one man to call. He has the experienced hands that are perfect to solve all your plumbing problems.

Best Bonding

Beehive Bail Bonds — All right, everyone get out your phones and add the Beehive Bail Bonds number right now. Put it under speed-dial. The 24-hour bail bond is a must for all. Don’t forget what you learned in Boy Scouts after swapping handys in the tent, Be Prepared.


Best Radio Station

X96 — With segments like ‘Boner or the Day’ how could this fabulous radio station not win the Fabby Award? We love waking up to Radio from Hell with Kerry, Bill and Gina, and Marci should be up for her own Fabbby Award for sexiest voice on the radio.
2. KRCL | 3. KCPW

Best News Station

KUTV 2 — This faaabulous news source once again garners a coveted Fabby Award. There coverage of hard-hitting news without ever being biased is frankly refreshing.
2. FOX 13 | 3. KTVX 4

Best TV News Anchor

Hope Woodside — What more can we say about Hope Woodside than how much we love her? The super sexy philanthropist helps raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, proving she has the personality to match her stunning smile.

Best TV News Reporter

Ben Winslow — The social-media darling of the Utah press picks up this award for being a stalwart reporter covering all beats including crime and politics. If you know a good tweet when you see one, you’re following him @BenWinslow.
2. Ninevah Dinha — We also need to give equal props to his absolutely fabulous colleague Nineveh Dinha, who, even in her on-the-spot reporting in the worst weather Utah has to offer, could give Janice Dickison a fashion tip or two.
3. Chris Vanocur

Best TV News Hottie

Damon Yauney — All we can say is that the forecast is hot and steamy with Damon Yauney. Forecasting becomes so much more fun with Damon, even on the cloudy and cold days at least we can watch his bright and shiny smile! (OK, we’re pandering, but the point is he’s hot. Really hot.)
2. Nineveh Dinha

Best Ski Resort

The Canyons — Call us some good ol’ fashioned size queens, but we like it big. Really big. And wide. Which is why The Canyons is the most faaabulous. Everyone knows bigger is better. The Canyons is Utah’s largest ski resort and we love all the extra music, horse-drawn sleigh rides and food options.

Best Getaway

West Wendover — Aside from the Bingo-filled raucous fun bus with QSaltLake’s own Ruby Ridge, West Wendover is the place for the Salt Lake City queers to go for strong drinks and buffets galore. The hop, skip and jump down I-80 is the ideal solution for the Utah blues.

Best Place to Scream Your Head Off

Nightmare on 13th — There’s not much scarier than running out of vodka in the middle of making your hangover Bloody Marys on a Sunday in Utah. But Nightmare on 13th comes pretty damn close. The frightful collection of goblins and ghouls is always a good time.

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