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Brazilian fingers wife in venomous vagina murder plot

A Brazilian man claims his wife tried to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and then inviting him to perform oral sex on her. The unnamed Sao Paulo man told police that after the couple had an intense argument she doused her genitals in toxic chemicals and then told him to perform the act. However, before falling prey to the trap, he said he smelled something awry, and then notified police of the attempt on his life.

Husband and wife teachers face charges of sex with student

A California husband and wife, both of whom are teachers at a public school, are facing child sex charges for having sex with a 17-year-old male student. Daniel Alma Shepard, 62, and his wife Gay Davidson-Shepard, 59, began inviting the student over to their house to play games, watch movies and drink alcohol, according to prosecutors. The student was then lured into joining the couple in nude hot tubing where different sex acts were performed, the prosecutors said. The couple also exchanged nude photos via email and messages with the boy, according to the prosecutors. The relationship allegedly continued until the boy turned 18 years old.

Police: Teacher left animal parts for ex-wife

Police say a 51-year-old New Hampshire man went to his ex-wife’s home and left a deer hoof and ear in her garage. Nathaniel Heard, who teaches media at Portsmouth High School, was arrested after he broke the restraining order his wife had against him. He was ordered only to contact her through email and he was charged with criminal trespassing, criminal threatening and stalking.

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