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SNAP: Obama shifting position on gay marriage?

At a fundraising event in San Francisco President Barack Obama was interrupted during a speech about unfinished business when an audience member yelled out “gay marriage” in the middle of the presentation. Obama continued and said, “Our work is not finished.” Obama has made statements in the past about his opposition to gay marriage, but he has signaled some possible changes to his position. He has drawn some criticism from gay-rights supporters and activists for not repealing the anti-gay military policy quickly enough, among other issues.

SNAP: Gay marriage supporters now in the majority

A recently released poll by CNN indicates that 50 percent of Americans now support marriage equality, while 45 percent oppose it and 5 percent are undecided. This is in contrast to 53 percent opposed and 42 percent in favor only two years ago. It’s clear to pollsters and politicians that the trend is moving toward greater support for marriage equality throughout the country. This is the fourth credible poll in the last eight months that shows a majority support for marriage equality.

SLAP: Gay teens forced into a camp

After school teachers in Malaysia identified 60 boys who were effeminate or otherwise suspected of being gay, they were shipped off to a four-day intensive religious camp that would encourage them to not be gay. Gay-rights organizations criticized the move and said it was a serious breach of human rights. Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, but this is a new move because the boys were only suspected of being gay and no actual proof was ever submitted.

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