Gayest City in America goes to … Minneapolis?

Advocate magazine, one of the oldest and most distributed gay magazines in the nation, ranked the gayest American cities and placed Minneapolis at the coveted top position.

The survey followed criteria such as listed gay wedding officiates, openly gay elected officials and entries on with the word “gay” in the description. Santa Fe and Las Vegas rounded out the top three gayest cities. San Francisco came in at the 11th spot and New York City did not make the list.

Citing the non-nonsense attitude of Mid-Westerners, a gay rugby team and a bear night at a local bar, Advocate said Minneapolis is a “gay magnet city.” The article’s author, Mike Albo stressed that this list is just for fun and that it demonstrates the growing influence of the LGBT movement across the nation, not just in the traditional gay hotspots.

Las Vegas came in at number three and Advocate said the number of travelers, many of which are from Utah, help make this fabulous destination one of the top gay hotspots in the nation.

Salt Lake City did not make the list, but Denver did come in at number 13.

The Advocate’s Gayest Cities in America

1. Minneapolis
2. Santa Fe
3. Las Vegas
4. Orlando
5. Pittsburgh
6. Vancouver
7. Atlanta
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Seattle
10. St. Louis
11. San Francisco
12. Cleveland
13. Denver
14. Oakland
15. Miami

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