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Conservative hypocrisy

After a 13-week trial concerning the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, Judge Vaughn Walker, confirmed that he is gay and involved in a relationship. One of the groups behind the defense of the amendment that banned gay marriage is pushing for the redaction of his ruling because he is gay and his impartiality would be under question. The New York Times published an editorial calling the group out for its hypocrisy. The editorial put it beautifully when it said, “Following the open-ended logic of Proposition 8’s lawyers, it is hard to think who, if anyone, is qualified to rule on this case. Certainly not wedded heterosexual judges.”

No protection for women

After running a campaign based on removing the federal government from the private sector, House Speaker John Boehner is attacking women’s rights and pushing the federal government into the private sector. He is sponsoring a bill that would call into question any insurance company that would provide coverage for any kind of abortion, including in cases of rape and incest. Tax credits would not be given to small businesses that work with these insurance companies. The bill would also create a provision that would ensure that even in cases of rape, women would not use any sort of tax benefit to pay for an abortion.

‘Cause that’s what Jesus would do

After a history of anti-gay tirades and positions, New York Sen. Ruben Diaz is now going after victims of HIV and AIDS. He has planned a rally to protest gay marriage and support traditional Christian values on the same day as the New York AIDS walk, which helps raise funds for victims of the disease.

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