Q Nightlife: Kudos to Salt Lake’s great parties

I’d like to devote a little ink this week to giving out a kudos or two. We spend a lot of time looking forward to events and promotions but don’t often give adequate thanks and acknowledgment to the folks and clubs that have shown us a good time. There are a couple of parties that deserve a mention as well as a handful of regular faces that have managed to make it on film at every event.

Club JAM: Kudos to owners Brian and Todd for consistent programming and party-throwing. Wednesday night Karaoke is a refreshing mid-week gathering with some regular faces and good energy. Weekend nights with dance parties featuring DJ Harry Cross and Mike Babbitt are high energy. The gourmet hot dog cart – genius!

Club Sound/Pure: Kudos for hosting a weekly space for the under 21 crowds to party and most importantly, find community. Friday nights are consistently thumping to the tunes of DJ Tidy and the kids , i.e. the crowd, are well, judging by all the bumping and grinding, VERY happy to be there.

The Gay Hot Spot: Kudos for an excellent launch party at the home of Fernando Noriega on April 15 which was well-attended, well-attired, and certainly not shy on libations. The follow-up “White Trash” party at JAM the following week was also a hot mess.

DJ Jesse Walker and The Garage: Kudos for the one-off Easter Sunday Bunny Hop that made being outside on a finally warm day a real joy. The host of great disc jockeys, good company and brunch service made for a lovely afternoon.

Couture in Motion – Farasha fashion show and Ballet West fundraiser: Fantastic execution and stunning design inside the Million Air airplane hangar at Salt Lake City International airport. Farasha displayed some great bold concepts for men including floral sport coats and featured stunning women’s design with an often Asian feel. How often do you get to enjoy high-end threads in between two jet airplanes?

Metro: Kudos to promoters Rob Brewer and Tim Weaver for hosting a fabulous party for Tim’s 34th birthday. DJ Chris B’s “flashback” set featured current hits and classic ’90s tracks – a great mix!

Coming up . . .

I’ll be enjoying jaunts to the Tavernacle and Piper Down to take a little look-see at gay nights hosted in their establishments as well as giving some much-needed attention to neighborhood haunt Club Try-Angles.

Additionally, though not related, I need a little help from readers for another of my nightlife ventures. Tell me what you DON’T like about Salt Lake City’s club and party scene. Anything goes. I will investigate and report. That’s right kids, don’t be shy! Hate the way the bathrooms smell at Metro? Wonder why there’s nothing really going on Tuesday nights? Let me hear it!


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