ReStore: A thrift alternative for home projects

After nearly two decades since the first Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened its doors in Texas, the thrift store for building supplies and materials is a must-go for all home remodel projects. Individuals, businesses and contractors donate surplus building materials, and ReStore then sells these items at much below retail costs. All of the proceeds are used to help fund the Habitat for Humanity in Utah, which helps low-income housing and food projects.

The store, which is located at 1276 S. 500 West, has all different house and construction items that are perfect for home remodels or just regular house upkeep, said Erin Johnson, the head cashier. From yard work to home-cleaning supplies, ReStore has a wide selection off always-changing merchandise.

“Think of us as a True Value, except all our stuff is donated, and all the proceeds go to help the Habitat for Humanity, and our products are usually about half off of regular retail,” Johnson said. “You can get a perfectly good toilet for $20 and tile is just 50 cents per square foot.”

The people who work and volunteer at ReStore are knowledgeable, friendly and resourceful, Johnson said. Finding the people just the right items for a project is simple with all the terrific people involved.

In addition to purchasing items, members of the community can donate used goods for a tax write-off and the donations will go to helping the low-income members of the community, Johnson said.

Donations also come in from large stores, such as Lowe’s, that need to move products from the shelves or have products with broken labels or other defects, she said. But all the products are useable and in decent condition.

The Salt Lake City store has been open for about a 18 months and is already serving as a fantastic resource for everyone that needs it, Johnson said. There are now more than 500 similar stores in three countries and the project is growing steadily.

“The merchandise is always changing, for example, next week we’re getting 300 brand new closet doors,” Johnson. “Everyone should come and check us out, especially before doing a large project or buying anything at other home-improvement stores.”

ReStore is open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information about the store or how to donate, go to HabitatSaltLake.com/restore.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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