Sanctity of marriage

Woman sues husband for $12 million for withholding sex

A Dubai woman is suing her husband for a grand sum of $12 million after he reportedly withheld sex. The couple married in 2008 and according to court documents, he did not have sex with her for the first four months of marriage. She later found out that he suffers from erectile dysfunction and said she was distraught with the lack of intimacy. She is claiming she needs the funds for psychological reparations. The husband has been married to 11 other women.

Marie Osmond remarries first husband

After marrying Stephen Craig when she was 22 and then divorcing him, marrying another man and then divorcing him, Osmond, who is now 51, is back in the arms of Craig after nearly 30 years. The couple married in the Las Vegas Mormon temple in a small ceremony with just a few close family members. She even wore the same dress she wore when she was 22. Damn, girl way to work that Nutrisystem!

Husband discovers bigamist wife was married four other times

A Royal Irish solider is desperate to find his estranged wife after nearly seven years since their marriage. Chris Barrett married former model Emily Horne thinking he would be her only true love and her only husband. However, Barrett was shocked to find that Horne has now been married four times to four men. Barrett has been trying to track down his wife since 2004 to finalize the divorce so he can move on with his life and find someone else who is only interested in having one husband at a time.

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