Moab Pride Festival dates announced

The First Annual Moab Pride Festival is scheduled for Oct. 1 at the Old City Park in Moab. The festival planning is underway and the organizers are still looking for sponsors, volunteers and donors. The group of volunteers is planning a variety of events, including a family-style carnival with boots and vendors. Also, a march/parade is being discussed.

The idea to plan a Pride Festival in Moab came after a joking proposal on Facebook, said Amy Stocks, one of the people helping organize the festival.

“It all came about from a fake news story from The Onion about a town throwing a Pride Parade for one person. I posted the story on my Facebook page and asked when my parade would be,” Stocks said. “You would not believe the overwhelming response. Everyone wanted to participate.”

The festival will be designed to be very family friendly and there are multiple business owners and individuals in the community that are interested in getting involved, Stocks said. She and a group of volunteers, including Ali Lingel, are planning and organizing the entire event. QSaltLake is also a sponsor of the event and will be publishing up to date information as more details about the festival develop.

The next planning meeting is scheduled for June 13. The group is planning on gathering suggestions for a Pride Festival theme and other volunteer ideas and opportunities.


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