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Grand Marshals of Utah’s Gay Pride Parade for the past 15 years

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A list of Grand Marshals of Utah’s Gay Pride Parade for the past 15 years

1996  Chasity Bono, the child of rock and roll legends Sonny and Cher. The first Grand Marshal of  Utah’s Pride Parade. Has since changed gender and is known as Chaz Bono.

1997  Candace Gingrich, the lesbian sister of U.S. Congressman Newt Gingrich.

1998  Debra Burrington and Charlene Orchard, founders of the Utah Chapter of the Human Rights Campaign.

1999  Gay actor Dan Butler, “Bulldog” from the television series Frasier, was official Grand Marshal while Gary and Millie Watts were our local Grand Marshals.

2000  Utah Representative Jackie Biskupski, Utah’s first elected gay woman to state legislature.

2001  Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson J.D.  mayor of Salt Lake City.

2002  Utah Senator Alicia Suazo, wife of Pete Suazo who championed anti-discrimination laws, and Steve Kmetko host on E! Network entertainment news.

2003  Kate Kendall, Utah native, executive director of National Center for Lesbian Rights.

2004  Bruce Bastian, WordPerfect co-founder.

2005  Utah Senator Scott D. McCoy J.D., Utah’s first elected gay man to state legislature.

2006  J. Boyer Jarvis, Ph.D., 83-year-old human rights activist and ally to the gay community.

2007  John Amaechi, Utah Jazz player, first NBA player to speak publicly about being gay.

2008  Ralph Becker, mayor of Salt Lake City.

2009  Cleve Jones, founder of the AIDS Quilt.

2010  Dottie S. Dixon a beloved fictional character portrayed by local actor Charles Lynn Frost.

2011  Roseanne Barr, comedian, Salt Lake City native and sister of Ben Barr, founding director of the Utah AIDS Foundation.


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