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Pride Parking Guide

With an estimated crowd of 25,000 festival-goers, the logistics of planning the Pride Festival have been enormous and extensive. However, the basic planning for the individual festival-goer can also help save time, money and make the experience even more enjoyable. Salt Lake City’s parking rules and regulations are basic and the public transit is one of the best in the nation.


Utah’s commuter train will provide two perfect stops for the parade and festival grounds. Parking is free at the Trax stations on 2100 S. and 1300 S. and your car will be safe in the well-policed parking lot all day. The fare is $2.25 for a one-way ticket. To arrive at the festival grounds on Saturday, ride this line until the University line and take it to the Salt Lake City Library stop. This will put you on the north east corner of the festival. The trains will run until 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, in order to arrive at the parade route, take the train that will arrive at the 2100 S. stop at 9:20 and get off at the 255 S. stop. You’ll arrive around 9:30 with plenty of time to find a spot to watch the festivities. For full scheduling information, go to RideUTA.com.

Parking Meters

Salt Lake City has more than 2,000 metered parking spaces along the streets, including many that are near the festival grounds and parade route. The fee is waived for the meters on Saturdays and Sundays. However, on Saturday there is a two-hour time limit from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. before your car must be moved. Sunday parking is free all day, but spaces will fill up extremely fast.

Parking Stations

There is a huge selection of pay-to-park lots throughout the city and while rates may vary somewhat, expect to pay between $7 and $10 for the entire day. Here’s a list of some of the most conveniently located parking areas that are located near the festival grounds and parade route.

Ampco Parking: 45 E. 300 South., 133 E. 200 South, 270 S. West Temple
Kilowat Commons Park: 175 S. West Temple
Regent Street: 150 S. 50 East
Pierpont Street: 163 W. Pierpont Ave., 150 W. Pierpont Ave.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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