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SNAP: New Gallup poll shows sharp increase in support for marriage equality 

According to a new poll from Gallup, 53 percent of Americans say that same-sex marriages should be recognized by the government. This is the latest in a string of polls that indicate an increasing support for marriage equality. However, this poll shows a huge jump in support since the last time it was conducted. Just 12 months ago, that number only indicated 44 percent of Americans supported full marriage equality. 

SLAP: Principal outs teen  

A principal in Pompano Beach, Florida saw two girls holding hands and reported the pair to their parents. One of the girl’s parents already knew she identified as a lesbian, but the other family had no idea. No disciplinary action has been taken against the principal and district officials claim it is school policy to stop all students from holding hands. However, this policy has not been enforced for straight couples. 

SNAP: Religious leader claimed gays were to cause the end of times 

Despite the lack of a rapture and hoards of the righteous floating through the sky while the wicked were left down on earth to doom and destruction, after-rapture parties continued on. May 21 was supposed to be the beginning of the end and the righteous Christians were to be taken from the planet to live with god, at least according to Harold Camping. It came as a shock to many when nothing rapturous happened, especially because his reasoning was so sound. He said that acceptance of gays was going to cause the terrible blight on the earth. 

“God has given us an enormous amount of proof, like the gay pride movement,” Camping told the SF Weekly as to why he thought the world was going to end.

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