Rainbow flag walk approaches Salt Lake

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While the rainbow flag makes its way across the nation, from California to the U.S. capital, it will make a prolonged stop in Salt Lake City before continuing on across the state. The flag is not marching alone. Richard Noble, an LGBT-rights activist, has been carrying it for hundreds of miles from California through Nevada.

“We’re going to take it across the country and raise awareness about marriage equality and modernizing the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” Noble said.

Since planning activities and rallies is difficult, Noble said he will be entering the state at the end of June and staying for two to three weeks. While here, he said he hopes to meet with the Salt Lake City mayor and city council. He’s also planning on taking a detour and marching the flag around the perimeter of the city.

“I want everyone to join me as I walk around the city,” Noble said. “We’re going to march to raise awareness and let everyone know that the time for equality is now.”

Noble is also planning a community event at the Utah Pride Center where a representative of Salt Lake City will read a declaration and a community discussion will take place. After the discussion, the march around the city will be started and everyone; gay, straight, transgender and bisexual, are encouraged to attend, Noble said. The march will be approximately 24 miles long and will take two days to complete. The dates and times for this meeting are still undetermined, but all details will be posted on QSaltLake.com.

Despite opposition in his everyday walks and from city governments, there is progress being made, Noble said. Having recently spent extended time in Ely, Nev., Noble was able to work with the mayor. Noble said he was able to discuss anti-bullying legislation, hate crimes legislation and even civil unions and marriage.

Noble has also had success with city governments in West Hollywood and Sacramento. He’s met with other city officials along his walk and he hopes to make more progress with small towns across the nation.

“I’m reaching out to small town America. Leave no small town behind,” Noble said on his blog, walk.usfreedomring.com.

Along with the marches and discussion groups, Noble is also asking for donations and supporters. Everyone is invited to help him march across the state. He is seeking volunteers for the logistics of the march and to help him with supplies along the way. For a full list of items Noble needs to continue his march and to find out more information go to walk.usfreedomring.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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