Sanctity of marriage

Man who served as wife’s pimp charged in killing

A 48-year-old Illinois man was shot and killed by the pimp of a prostitute that he had arranged on Craigslist to meet, according to McHenry County officials. Timothy Smith, 26, was charged with first-degree murder in connection to the murder of Kurt Millliman after police received a call from Smith and his wife, Kimberly. The couple was waiting outside the Milliman’s home when officials arrived. Officers found Milliman’s body inside the home and when the Smiths told officials she was offering services on Craigslist, she was promptly arrested on charges of prostitution.

Man ordered to support kids his ex-wife had from his frozen sperm

An English man whose ex-wife convinced an IVF clinic to allow her to give birth to two kids from her ex-husband’s frozen sperm was ordered to pay 100,000 pounds in child support. He did not approve the fertilization and the woman was impregnated shortly after being divorced. The entire legal battle has lasted more than 10 years and cost more than 200,000. The man has had very limited access to visitation rights with his children. He’s also started a lobbying campaign to change some of the so-called ‘traditional’ family laws that caused this situation to occur.

Wife supports Strauss-Kahn as he admits sex, denies rape

The former International Monetary Fund president, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was charged with rape of a hotel maid in a Manhattan hotel. While Kahn, 62, is not denying having violent sex with the 32-year-old maid, he is saying it was consensual. In the span of 30 minutes, he said he seduced the woman, who was working, and convinced her to perform sex acts with absolutely no monetary or any other form of compensation. His wife is not just supporting his claims, but is fighting for his release.

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