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Summer swimwear style guide

For many gay men, picking a swimsuit is purely about function and not at all about the statement. Using it to get wet at the neighborhood pool or on the weekend getaway to Fire Island is the only concern. However, finding the perfect fit of swimsuit doesn’t have to be a challenge, and following this summer’s trends can be a snap.

This summer, watch for suits that incorporate plaid patterns and bright colors. Bright blues, greens and reds will help avoid making the skin look washed out and tired. The classic plaid suit, especially on a longer mid-waist short, is classy and sexy. And the classic black suit, especially a 4-inch cut, is always in style and can be used year to year.

Board Shorts
For an always-trendy and comfortable cut, board shorts are fashionable and comfortable. Look for those that are knee-length or slightly longer. The pattern and design can vary, but should fit the basic bright color trends that are sweeping pools and beaches around the country.

A tighter fit will help show off the figure, and even for larger guys, tighter is usually better. Board shorts that are too baggy will make your body look disproportionately large.

Square Cut Shorts
For the guys that have a little more junk in the trunk and want to show off their derrière, square cut shorts are an ideal fit. Even for those that have a belly, the square cut can be a great option. This cut is designed to be worn on the thighs and hips, which helps show off the ass. Even if you don’t have a model’s build, don’t be afraid to advertise what you’ve got.

It is especially important to find square cut shorts that have vibrant and bright colors to draw attention. Grab a pair of plaids with bright reds and blues for an eye-catching combo that will be sure to bring all the boys to the yard.

Bikini Cuts
Congratulations! If you’ve got the level of comfort to wear a more revealing look, the Speedo or other bikini cut is always a great conversation piece (as in, people will be conversing about your piece). It’s refreshing and liberating to rock a short suit that shows off the thighs, ass and virtually every other part of the male anatomy. Go for it! Grab the skimpy suit and show off what your mama gave ya!

Warning: While we all want to see and be seen, the Speedo and bikini cut often do not offer much in the way of comfort for the frontal region. If you plan on wearing the suit for an extended period of time, be sure to give it a test run to make sure there’s enough breathing room.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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