Fabulous Business: Cockers is a Utah staple

Salt Lake City may not be known as a premier shopping destination, but that doesn’t stop Dale LeBaron from having one of the cutest boutiques this side of Melrose. Spark/Cockers (on 629 S. State St. in Salt Lake City) has one of the largest collections of designer underwear in Utah and an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories for men and women.

“We like to find more affordable designer clothing that is original and high-quality from smaller designers,” said LeBaron, owner of Spark/Cockers. “And we only order small quantities so you won’t ever run into someone at the club wearing the same shirt.”

With an ever-changing stock of pants, shirts, shoes, underwear and accessories, there’s no telling what you’ll find from one week to the next.

“We like to offer an array of products and we really try to focus on finding some affordable, but high-quality products for our customers,” LeBaron said.

Spark/Cockers’ trendy selection of clothing and accessories has led this locally-owned boutique to be a staple in the Utah shopping community, despite frequent relocation.

The idea for the store started in the ’80s, when LeBaron was running a clothing store out of Payson, Utah. His modest, but desirable, underwear collection of designer pieces attracted men from Salt Lake. After moving to the Salt Lake area, LeBaron opened up shop in Trolley Square in 2001. Because the Trolley Square location was too small, he took operations to the Crossroads Plaza mall in downtown Salt Lake. The mall was torn down, and LeBaron quickly relocated to the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City. After encountering a difficult market, the boutique’s operations were then moved to Sugar House. After that building was torn down and not replaced, Spark/Cockers moved to its latest home on State Street.

“We are so grateful to our loyal customers who have been able to find and follow us as we moved across the valley,” LeBaron said.

To help customers find even more affordable options, there are frequent sales and clearance racks that are announced via Facebook. Everything from 25 percent off the entire merchandise to buy one, get one half-off items, is offered throughout the year.

The clearance racks include everything from jeans to shirts and even underwear from some of the best designers including Rufskin and 2(x)ist.

The underwear selection includes a rotating selection, but expect to find designs by Andrew Christian, Papi, Rufskin, 2(x)ist, Ginch Gonch and a variety of others. For up to date information, find Spark/Cockers on Facebook.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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