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GOP Party Woes

Members of the Republican, “moral values,” Party are calling on the Laurens County Sherriff, Ricky Chastain, to resign. Chastain has been embroiled in a scandal since news of an affair and cover-up attempt became known. GOP Chair Bobby Smith is personally asking the Sherriff to resign his post.

“The fact that there was an affair, I understand that’s a private matter, but it became public when he took the lady to North Carolina in a public vehicle to have an abortion,” Smith told local WSPA TV.

Human Rights Campaign Shop Vandalized by LGBT Group

A group calling itself the ‘Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ broke into a Washington, D.C. Human Rights Campaign store and painted parts of windows pink. The group also wrote the word ‘Stonewall’ on the sidewalk in front of the store in pink paint. The group posted on a website saying it was tired of the HRC taking money from everyday people and squandering it away. The vandalism came shortly after marriage equality was passed in New York.

Marcus Bachmann, a Piece of Work

We are all too familiar with the Sarah Palin look-alike, Michele Bachmann, and her announced campaign for president. We weren’t too surprised to find that the Tea Party darling’s husband, Marcus Bachmann, is also a conservative homophobe. He recently made headlines for his comments saying that gay people are barbarians and they need to be educated. He has been an anti-abortion activist for more than 20 years and is known for his therapy treatments he uses to “cure” gay people. He says frequently that he respects life and the freedom to live. Unless you’re gay, we suppose.

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