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Wife charged in death of quadruple-amputee husband

A 68-year-old South Carolina woman is accused of giving her quadruple-amputee husband of 47 years an overdose of prescription drugs. Police said some of the drugs were prescribed to Carol Ross and others to her husband, Larry Ross. Police were called to the scene when the 12-year-old daughter of the couple left the home and told neighbors her parents were fighting over the alleged overdose. The wife turned herself into authorities and was released shortly after on bail.

Police: Woman crashed car to kill husband

In what appeared to be a terrible car accident, one Vermont woman lived through the ordeal, while her husband died on the scene. The situation became suspicious, police said, upon further investigation of the crime: speed was determined not to be a factor, neither was visibility or weather. Police arrested Christine Bills on a charge of homicide and said there was evidence that she intentionally wrecked the car to kill her husband. She was wearing a seat belt and her husband was not.

No jail for woman who set husband on fire

Prosecutors lost a bid to overturn the release of an Australian woman who was convicted of setting her husband on fire. Rajini Narayan was convicted of manslaughter for dousing her husband in gasoline and then lighting him on fire. The trial judge suspended the jail term because she said she was distraught over her husband’s alleged infidelity. Narayan, 46, said she only meant to burn her husband’s penis a little, but he told her she couldn’t. She grew angry and threw gasoline and a lighted candle at his back. He died from severe burns later in the hospital.

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