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Andrew Christian talks sexy swimwear trends

The heat is on and the summer pool season is picking up. Whether planning a weekend getaway to the infamous Las Vegas pool parties or heading farther south to the beautiful beaches of Southern California, finding the right swimsuit can make all the difference. And this year is seeing some sexy and fun trends, Andrew Christian, international underwear and swimsuit designing mega-icon, said.

“This year we’re seeing the shorter shorts get even shorter and the longer shorts go a little longer,” Christian said in an interview with QSaltLake. “The micro-bikini is definitely in this summer.”

Along with getting shorter and sexier, men’s swimwear is also getting brighter and louder, he said. Watch for bright colors, deep blues and other strong colors.

“And you can never go wrong with a classic black swimsuit,” Christian said. “It will always be in, it’s timeless and a great piece to have.”

For those that do not have the perfect, Greek Adonis gym body, Christian recommends a 4-inch short that follows the other trends of bold colors.

“It’s all about fit. Fit is so important. And the 4-inch cut will look great on a lot of different body types,” Christian said.

Underwear and swimwear trends are constantly changing, and Christian is one of the leading designers that sets the trends with his own line. He began designing when he was a teenager while participating in the underground club scene; he made Friday night his deadline for a new weekly outfit. After his clothing started to get noticed by local boutique owners, Christian realized he could make money following his passion.

From the humble high school beginnings to launching his own international line of underwear and swimwear for men, Christian is one of the true fashion icons to the queer community. His designs are a blend of sexy and chic with added functionality. Not only do his designs enhance the important parts of the male anatomy, they offer support and comfort.

“I try to take a lot of sportswear and other details that aren’t normally on underwear and incorporate them into my designs,” Christian said. “A lot of my inspiration comes from my own needs and desires in underwear, and feedback from my customers.”

The Andrew Christian line is launching new and exciting products that vary from 100 percent cotton T-shirts designed to emphasize the shoulder and de-emphasize the belly, to a brand new line of underwear called NanoFit.

“Our Almost Naked line used to be my personal, go to pair of favorite underwear,” Christian said. “But that’s really changing to NanoFit. I love the material, the elastic and the low cut.”

In addition to the NanoFit, there will be new limited editions that are done in small quantities and are exclusive designs and cuts, he said.

“There are a lot of new and exciting things coming from the Andrew Christian line,” he said. “Unique fabrics, prints and other designs are all coming in the near future.”

Andrew Christian products can be found at AndrewChristianShop.com and at his boutiques in West Hollywood. Locally, some of his products can be found at Cockers (629 S. State St. in Salt Lake City) and Mischievous Pleasures (559 S. 300 West in Salt Lake City).

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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