Huntsman refuses to sign controversial ‘Marriage Vow’

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Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has refused to sign on to a controversial “Marriage Vow” in which presidential candidates pledge to be faithful to their spouse, declare homosexuality a choice and work to outlaw same-sex marriage, among other conservative issues.

The 3,008-word pledge, written by Bob Vander Plaats of the ultra-conservative “The Family Leader,” also includes language to ban pornography, denounce the Muslim faith, “protect” military personnel from homosexual advances in bathrooms and showers, and down-sizing of the U.S. government.

Huntsman has declared that he will not sign on to any pledges in his candidacy.

Huntsman’s spokesman Tim Miller told the Des-Moines Register that the ex-​governor has a policy of not signing any pledges. “He has been a clear supporter of traditional marriage and will let his record speak for itself.”

Only Michele Bachmann has signed on to the pledge, for which Vander Plaats has set an Aug. 1 deadline. Bachmann and her husband have engaged in anti-gay rhetoric in the past. Husband Marcus Bachmann operates Bachmann and Associates, which claims to cure homosexuality. He is also quoted as saying gays are “barbarians,” who need to be “educated” and “disciplined.”

Tim Pawlenty has responded that he is considering signing. Ron Paul has expressed reservations. The Obama administration and all other candidates have not responded in any way.

Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron is the editor and publisher of QSaltLake. He has been active in Utah's gay and lesbian community since the early 80s and published two publications then and in the 90s.

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