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Since the closing of the Brass Rail, Northern Utah’s queer community hasn’t had a bar to call their own, but that’s about to change. Starting July 8, Northern Utah’s largest club, Teazers, will be hosting ‘Fabulous Fridays,’ which is geared toward Utah’s queer community.

Teazers, which has been around for 14 years, has nine service bars, 40 lighting systems, a 1000-watt sound system, the largest dance floor in Northern Utah and one of the most diverse crowds and staff in the area.

“We are a very inclusive bar every night of the week and everyone is always welcome, but we wanted to offer a night specifically for Northern Utah’s gay community,” said owner Bob Watson. “My staff has been telling me there’s no place for them to go to drink, dance and really have a good time, so we decided to offer that space.”

There are gays and lesbians on the staff serving drinks, working in security and just about every other position, Watson said. Friday nights will be geared toward a gay crowd, but everyone will be welcome that night as well.

The nine bars, outdoor patio and charming interior make this an easy match for a gay night. And every weekend one of the floors features karaoke all night long. VIP rooms are also available with flat-screen TVs and private drink service.

Making the short drive up to Ogden is well worth the trip. And for those that want to party without worrying about a designated driver, there are shuttle services available for groups of 10 or more people. The shuttle is free and will pick guests up from Salt Lake and return them to Salt Lake at the end of the night. Call the bar to arrange for the shuttle beforehand and leave a pickup address.

Teazers has competitive drink prices and some fun house specialties, like ‘The Cherry Popper,’ and ‘Sex in Hawaii.’ The hookah offerings are terrific and include more than 30 different flavors.

The bar is on 366 36th Street in Ogden. Conveniently located just off the Riverdale Road exit, getting to the bar is a short 45-minute drive from Salt Lake. For contact information, to arrange a shuttle or a VIP room, visit TeazersBarAndGrill.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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