Study looks at experiences of gay Mormons

A new study assessing the experiences of gay and former members of the Mormon Church was launched by a Utah State University professor this week.

Renee Galliher, along with the Brigham Young University emeritus biology professor and chair of the pro-gay Family Fellowship, William Bradshaw, launched the 149-question survey to look at the impact the Mormon Church has had on gay and lesbian members.

The survey is anonymous and designed for gays and lesbians who have, at one point or another, been a member of the Mormon Church.

“The researchers hope this study may provide insights into the experiences of same-sex attracted Latter Day Saints, increasing the competence and sensitivity of the consumers of this research, who could potentially be psychologists, researchers, educators and other service providers interacting with individuals who identify with these experiences,” the survey introduction says.

Bradshaw, who has a gay son, helps run the Family Fellowship, a support group for Mormons who have family members and friends who are gay and lesbian. He is also well known for his support of the idea that homosexuality is an inborn trait, and not a choice.

Click here to take the survey.

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