Doughty selected to fill vacant House seat

Brian Doughty was selected to fill the House seat vacated by Jackie Biskupski, Utah’s first openly gay representative, at the Utah Democrat Convention on Saturday.

With the election of Doughty, Utah continues to have one openly gay representative in the state legislature. Biskupski resigned recently because she moved outside of her district. Doughty, who lives near Liberty Park with his partner, resigned from the board of Equality Utah to pursue the House District 30 position.

There were six candidates vying for the position and none of them received the required 60 percent of votes from the delegates in the first round of voting. The second round between Doughty and William McDonnell was tight, and Doughty won with a 23-22 vote.

“I think it’s important during these committee hearings and floor debates there’s actually someone who can speak from the heart,” Doughty said.

Doughty said his main concerns and goals would be improving education, air quality, liquor regulations, expanding access to health insurance and passing a statewide non-discrimination law.

Doughty was nominated by his partner Rian Davis, who touted his boyfriend’s passion, commitment and compassion.

“I feel very honored today to nominate the man I love, Brian Doughty,” Davis said to the delegates.

Doughty owns his own small business selling construction and other heavy equipment. He touted his experience serving on the board for Equality Utah, running a small business and his other various community positions.

“I am also dedicated to the Democratic Party, that’s why I have been a delegate, a precinct chair and most recently a legislative chair for District 30,” Doughty said. “I love this community.”

Doughty will immediately assume the responsibilities as a House member and will begin representing his district in the upcoming summer sessions which will cover issues such as redistricting and other possible immigration bills.

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