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Queer movies come to Utah

With the summer movie season well underway, billboards, radio and TV have been inundated with ads for the popular summer flicks. It’s impossible to miss the announcements for the latest Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean installments. But what many may not know is that there are a few queer shows popping up in Utah theaters. Here’s just a smattering of some we’re looking for.


Already released, this film starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, has already started to generate Oscar buzz. Hailed as the best movie of the year thus far by the Salt Lake Tribune, it follows the story of Oliver (McGregor) as he falls in love and recalls his recently deceased father, Hal’s, (Plummer) last years. Hal came out at the age of 75 and did a lifetime of living in just a few short years. This critically acclaimed film can be seen at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Based on the best-selling novel, this story follows two young women in China during the early 20th century who form a friendship stronger than a marriage. The women are isolated by their family and must communicate using a secret language. It features Gianna Jun, Li Bingbing, Archie Kao, Vivian Wu and Hugh Jackman. It will be released in limited theaters in Salt Lake on Aug. 5.

Dirty Girl

After rave reviews and terrific audience feedback during its initial Toronto release, Dirty Girl is now being shown to American audiences. Self-described school-whore Danielle (Juno Temple) strikes up an unlikely friendship with the not-so-closeted and often bullied Clarke (Jeremy Dozier). As his parents struggle to accept him and her mother is about to marry a Mormon, the outcast couple ‘borrow’ a car and make their way across the country in search of Danielle’s biological father. The film will be released to limited theaters in Salt Lake on Aug. 19.

J. Edgar

The film, written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Milk and Utah native Dustin Lance Black, tells the story of the controversial head of the FBI. Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) was rumored to be a closet homosexual and cross dresser. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this is sure to be one of the year’s best and will be in theaters sometime this fall.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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