Sanctity of marriage

Wife cuts off husband’s penis, puts down garbage disposal

A Southern California woman was arrested after she drugged her husband while serving him a meal, tied him up, cut off his penis and put it through the garbage disposal, police said.

Catherine Kieu Becker was arrested and will remain jailed until her trial in connection with the case. Police said after she attacked the man, she called emergency services and reported a medical emergency.

After police found the man bleeding profusely he was taken to the hospital where Becker told police he deserved it.

The couple has been married since 2009, but she filed for divorce in May, citing irreconcilable differences.

Man who set wife on fire gets life in prison

A New Mexico man was sentenced to life in prison for setting his wife on fire. The victim, Laura Miller, survived but she has extensive burns on her arms, neck and legs.

She told the judge that her husband, George Rodriguez, doused her with gasoline from a bottle and used a lighter to ignite it.

“It was worth it. I’d do it all over again,” Rodriguez said. “She deserved it.”

Their three young daughters witnessed the attack and when he was arrested he said, “I hope she burns in hell.”

Georgia minister and wife plead guilty to human trafficking

During a trip to Southern Africa, Michael and Juna Babb convinced a 20-year-old woman to accompany them to the United States and told her she would be paid to cook for a wedding. However, when the young woman arrived in the States, she found out there was no wedding and was forced, instead, to work for the family for nearly two years for little or no pay. The couple plead guilty to charges of human trafficking.

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