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SNAP: American Airlines endorses ENDA

The airline giant, American Airlines, formally submitted a letter to Congress asking for a law that would protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The airline has already adopted an internal policy banning discrimination and is a frequent sponsor of equality groups around the nation. But the airline said it is not enough and wishes to see a nationwide measure protecting all citizens.

SLAP: Indian police arrest 212 transgender people

Military police that are expected to protect the safety on the country’s South Central Railway arrested 212 transgender people last month. The police issued a statement saying, “In order to eradicate the alleged menace of eunuch, the security department of SCR conducted 564 drives during June at the sections where presence of eunuchs was reported.” Among those arrested, 11 have been sentenced to time in prison and more than 35,000 rupees has been collected in fines. There are still 26 trials pending in the case.

SNAP: Broadway to celebrate gay marriage with ceremonies

The day after same-sex marriages become legal in New York, different Broadway theaters will feature real-life gay marriages. The announcement was made through several Broadway stars, including Utahn Will Swenson. The marriages will occur after the performance of the hit musical, Hair. Those getting married are involved in the production of musicals.

“The theater is the place where we come together to celebrate and affirm who we are as a people. It is the place where we stand in front of our community on a stage and we speak our truths. That’s what theater is and that’s what a wedding is,” Jordan Roth, the president of Jujamcyn Theatres, told Bloomberg News.

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