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Rick Perry: Defender of States’ Rights

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is famously conservative. After the Obama election he threatened to take Texas from the Union and form its own country. Although he backed off, his ideas weren’t seen as unbelievably outlandish. He claimed it was his state’s right to leave the Union, and he is consistently touting his conservative and state’s rights credentials. But his beliefs are coming under fire after statements he made regarding gay marriage in New York. He said he supported New York’s right to legalize same-sex marriage. However,  after a firestorm of conservative backlash, he backtracked on his statements and muddied the waters with a statement saying he does not support gay marriage, nor will he ever.

Rick Santorum Opposes Some States’ Rights

After hearing that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas was not furious and outraged about gay marriage in New York, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum announced he would go to New York and personally overturn marriage equality. Although he didn’t expound on how to do this, Santorum has long professed a belief in state’s rights. Apparently that only means the states have the rights he wants them to have.

Opponents Attack California LGBT History Bill

Shortly after the California state government passed a bill that would require schools to teach about pioneers and events in queer history in public schools, a group of conservatives jumped in and began gathering signatures to overturn the law. Their reasoning was that politicians should not write the history books and allow historians to decide what should be included. What the group doesn’t point out is that most states prohibit any version of LGBT history from being taught and some states, like Tennessee,  even discourage teachers from acknowledging the existence of gay people.

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