Park City drag contest causes police complaint

In the second annual Miss Park Silly contest, members from the camp drag troupes the Cyber Sluts and the Matrons of Mayhem attended the Park City market in full and fabulous drag attire. From propellers on bosoms to wigs more than a foot tall and glitter everywhere, the queens were a true sight to behold, at least for most people, as they competed in the Gay Day at Park City, sponsored by QSaltLake.

However a 73-year-old woman was not too pleased to see the non-gender conforming attire in public and told police that it was not appropriate for children according to the Park Record. She told police there were 10 men dressed in such attire, according to the Record. There were, in fact, five participants in the contest and show, including last year’s winner, Miss Chevy Suburban.

The most egregious offender of the women was QSaltLake’s own Petunia Pap Smear who sported an epic glittering pink dress, pink shoes and Madonna-style boob caps covered in Christmas garland and topped with propellers.

Police determined it was within the constitutional rights of the contestants to dress how they see fit and no complaint was filed. The winner of this year’s contest was Miss Anita Dingy.

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