Ally running for St. George City Council

Running for St. George City Council to help bring the city into the 21st century seemed like the civic duty for one Ohio native and city resident. Tara Dunn loves her city and the gorgeous redrock vistas surrounding her home. But she couldn’t take the business-oppressive policies that are touted as family values by the current council.

“Some of the laws are outrageous,” Dunn said. “The restrictions placed on business are stopping St. George from moving on. Just look at all the restrictions they’ve placed on dancing in commercial businesses.”

Dunn has experience in real estate and business operation and said she hopes to bring that knowledge to the table. She decided to run after receiving a $575 fine from the city for having rocks in a wash behind her house.

“They want the city to be like Mayberry,” Dunn said. “It’s so corrupt and I am sick of it. Most people I talk to agree with me and they want to see some change.”

Dunn said she supports, like most other Utahns, anti-discrimination measures to protect against bias based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace and housing. She also sits on the board of directors for the Tri-State HIV task force, which offers free HIV testing for the Southern Utah area and is one of the few resources for testing in the area.

However, Dunn said her platform is supportive of bringing practices and ordinances to St. George that encourage business and tourism.

“No one wants to board a plane in 2011, and land in 1935,” Dunn said. “We have to make some small changes in the climate to make it more welcome for everyone, especially business. We need to stop trying to legislate morals.”

Dunn is also campaigning on a platform to help encourage logical city planning, increased public transportation and most of all, being a representative for St. George residents and encouraging city growth.

Dunn will face off in a primary on Sept. 13, which will be the biggest battle of her election because large groups do not give funding until after primary elections, she said. For more information about how to donate and get involved with the campaign, go to taraforcitycouncil.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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