Sanctity of Marriage

Father allegedly punches daughter at birthday party

A 14-year-old Salt Lake County girl finished a birthday party in protective custody after her father allegedly punched her twice for trying to stop him from threatening the guests. The man, 42, attended the party in Big Cottonwood Canyon and threatened guests with a fire poker, a knife and a beer bottle, police said. When his daughter tried to stop him from causing trouble, he punched her twice, police said. He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and child abuse. The girl was placed in protective custody.

Army sergeant arrested in burning of wife

A Washington state army official was arrested after his wife reported he doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. Duane Michael Radar, 35, is being held in a Washington jail awaiting trial, according to the Associated Press. His wife suffered second-degree burns and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. She originally reported that she accidentally lit herself on fire, but later told police her husband had intimidated her into lying to officials.

Most marriages report conflict

More than 80 percent of straight couples in the United States report either moderate or extreme levels of conflict within their marriages, according to a new study released by Ohio State University. The study also indicates that there is little chance that conflict levels will change across the course of marriage. A mere 18 percent of respondents said that they routinely share decision-making responsibilities. The study indicates that 60 percent of married couples have moderate levels of conflict and 22 percent have extreme levels of conflict.

Man charged after shooting wife’s Chihuahua

A Florida man faces animal cruelty charges after he killing his wife’s 10-lb Chihuahua, Bently, police said.

Albert J. Proctor, 28, threatened to continue his shooting spree and harm other animals. He was released from jail on $5,000 bail. His wife told police that she did not fear for her safety or for her children because he’s from a country where he thought it was OK to shoot dogs.

Proctor told police the tiny dog was attacking a neighbor and that Bently had grown very aggressive.

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