GOP cameraman following Dabakis

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After newly elected Utah State Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis hosted a radio show last week in which two top GOP officials denounced public education and said they would end Medicare and Social Security, Republican officials hired a cameraman to follow Dabakis.

The cameraman, who was later confirmed by the Salt Lake Tribune to be working for the Republicans, is following Dabakis around the state as he tours Southern Utah. The cameraman followed him from Provo to Price, Moab and other small towns.

Reports of the cameraman were first made on the blog PrideInUtah.com, which is managed by former campaign manager for Dabakis, Eric Ethington.

Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright told the Tribune that his party did send the cameraman.

Wright said, “He has been on the offensive playing ‘gotcha’ politics and taking personal comments out of context,” and added that “he needs to stop this ‘gotcha’ politics and trying to divide our party in two.”

Dabakis, who is openly gay, was recently honored for his role in co-founding Equality Utah.

“He’s a very genial and nice chap, and he has been at every public appearance,” Dabakis told the Tribune. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Republicans think that it’s worth videotaping everything I say.”

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