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Breasts can be intimidating. For some they first appear during a tumultuous time of life but can be beautiful testaments to womanhood. They can also cause pain, sorrow and even death. Whatever the relationship is with breasts, they affect everyone: gay, straight, trans, female, male and everything in-between, which is why the Utah Pride Center hosts the annual Breast Dialogues each fall.

The performance, which will be held Oct. 29 at the Rose Wagner Center, is a free event to explore the relationship with breasts, puberty, and how people interact and view their bodies, said Lillian Rodriguez, an HIV-prevention and education coordinator with the Center. The event is sponsored through a grant from the Coleman Foundation, which raises awareness about breast cancer.

“This is really a chance for people to talk about their breasts. When they first noticed them and when they first noticed their body changing,” Rodriguez said. “We’ll have everything from poignant tales of breast cancer survivors to humorous stories about going through puberty.”

This year, the Center is allowing all forms of art submissions – from short films, to lyrics and interpretive dancing, everyone is invited to perform. To aid in the planning of the performance, participants are invited to attend a series of writing and performance workshops held throughout September and October. The event is open to everyone to participate and view, and is not limited to women.

“We want it to be even better this year than in years past,” Rodriguez said. “We want to just get together and collaborate on our ideas and help everyone improve.”

The Breast Dialogues has been held since 2004 and each year provides a mixture of performances and individuals.

“It is kind of like the Vagina Monologues, but about breasts, and it’s all community members that participate,” she said.

The workshops will be held during the evenings of Sept. 2, 16, 30 and Oct. 14 at the Community Writing Center, 210 E. 400 South, Ste 8. For more information and to register to perform, go to UtahPrideCenter.org.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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