Fabulous Business: Butterfly Jac Salon honored by ‘Elle’ magazine

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From hair colorings to same-sex wedding preparations and standard haircuts, the local queer-friendly Butterfly Jac Salon, 1310 S. 300 East, is one of the best salons in the nation, according to Elle magazine.

The world’s largest fashion magazine, with 42 translations distributed in more than 60 countries and a readership of 4.8 million people, honored Butterfly Jac as the best salon in Utah and one of the top in the country. The salon specializes in top-notch customer service and integrating itself in the community, said co-owner, Daisy Johnson.

“There are so many great hairdressers and stylists in Salt Lake City, it’s actually kind of astounding,” Johnson said. “Customer service is above all the most important factor. Not a pretentious customer service, but a friendly and high-end service.”

Butterfly Jac opened in April 2008 by two young co-owners, Megan Draper and Danielle “Dani” Sandell, and their business mentor, Johnson. The three dubbed their salon Butterfly Jac because of their love for the symbolism of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and added Jac so as to not alienate the male demographic. Johnson brought her experience from two other salons that she owned and operated –  the Warehouse Salon (1992 – 2002) and Blue Chaos Salon (2002 – 2007).

In addition to terrific customer service, the stylists at Butterfly Jac are current on hairstyles and fashion, especially within the queer community, Johnson said.

“There are hair styles that some queer men and women face that others don’t. Some women are going to male barbers because they want that masculine look and sometimes stylists don’t know how to translate a more masculine look into a female cut,” Johnson said. “We’re not just gay-friendly, but we also know how to incorporate queer style into cuts and styling.”

All customers, especially members of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender community are welcome at the salon and will feel right at home in the stylish surroundings with the queer-friendly employees.

The honoring by Elle puts the salon in the same category and caliber of locals as some of the top stylists in the nation, including businesses from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. For more information about the salon and the services offered, go to ButterflyJac.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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