Community rallies for assault victim

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank visited Pure at Club Sound last night asking the crowd for any information that might help the department catch the men who brutally assaulted Dane Hall the previous Friday night.

“Someone out there saw something that happened last week,” Burbank said. “We need you to come forward and help us catch them.” The department issued a statement saying that those with information can remain anonymous, if desired, and are asked to call 801-799-3000.

Burbank arrived at the club shortly after 10 p.m. and many people came to shake his hand and discuss issues of concern. Burbank said that people should not fear going to the police when they are victimized.

“It doesn’t matter what your race, ethnicity or sexual preference is,” he said. “You should feel safe coming to the police.”

Pure promoter David Radcliffe said that safety at the bar has always been a top concern.

“We have cameras at every entrance and a security guard in the crow’s nest over 600 West,” he said. “We are also adding more security outside the club.”

Extra security at Club Sound was evident, especially as people left the club. Extra security guards were placed at both exits and some patrons volunteered to walk people to their cars.

As news of the assault reached the community, thousands of people (18,800 at the time of this story) posted the original QSaltLake story on their Facebook pages and many thousands more expressed shock and outrage, and support for Hall. The story was viewed by so many people from all over the country that QSaltLake web host XMission and Stackable dedicated staff to ensure the page was accessible.

“We felt this was an important issue and story,” said advanced hosting technician Evan Done. “We wanted to make sure everyone saw it.”

“I’m so glad that we decided to ‘Buy Local’ with our website hosting,” said QSaltLake owner and publisher Michael Aaron. “If we’d been with our previous host out of Germany, the site would have simply gone down.”

Readers scrambled to know what they could do to help. Events and funds were immediately set up to help with Hall’s medical expenses. The Utah Pride Center is working to find employment for Hall since he will not be able to speak for three months and will not be able to start a job this week at a dentist’s office as planned.

Last night at Club Sound, a tip jar was at the door and a portion of the cover will be donated to Dane’s medical and other expenses.

Tonight, a fundraiser is being held at Metro Bar. Raffle tickets will be sold for prizes including a $100 spa certificate, limousine rides, a weekend vacation at Canyons Resort, Landis Salon gift certificates and much, much more.

Psychic Medium Travis Hill, who has been featured on A&E’s Psychic Kids show, will be doing psychic readings at 9 p.m. at Metro as well for a suggested donation of $5 to the fund.

On Wednesday, local theater people will be performing at Club JAM as a benefit, starting at 7 p.m.

Charity accounts have also been set up at both Zions Bank and Wells Fargo under the name of “Dane Hall Charity Fund.” Any branch can take a personal donation or via mail to Dane Hall Fund c/o Zions Bank, 701 E. 400 South; or through online check payable to Zions Bank in the name of “Dane Hall Fund.”

Other events are still in the planning stages and QSaltLake will have information on them as they become available.

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