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SLAP: Gays at higher risk of lonelier old age

Gays and lesbians are more likely to end up living alone and having less contact with family than heterosexuals, according to a report released by the British queer-rights group Stonewall. The survey highlights the societal pressures that many gays and lesbians feel. A large percentage of respondents indicated that by coming out as gay or lesbian, their direct family ties were strained. Several family-life experts were interviewed for the survey and the general consensus was that there were steps that could be taken to help stop the growing trend, but it involved a wider general acceptance of gays and lesbians.

SNAP: Court rules on behalf of gay couples for benefits

Just one year after Arizona implemented partnership benefits for state employees, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer eliminated them. A group of nine employees filed a suit against the state and brought the case to a federal court. The 9th Circuit upheld an injunction that barred Brewer’s ruling and said it would cause considerable harm to state employees to suddenly deny them partnership benefits. For now, the state of Arizona has to continue to honor their agreement to gay and lesbian employees and their families.

SLAP: Students threatened with suspension

When students at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tenn. began the process for the school’s first queer-straight alliance club, the administration warned them to stop or they would be facing suspension. One of the students told the local TV news station that a club was needed, and that he is often bullied and verbally abused by his peers. After some students began a petition to start the club, a petition against the club was also started.

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