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Salt Lake City’s first pet mortuary accepts animals of all shapes and sizes

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End-of-life planning is a concept that is not usually addressed easily. No one likes the idea of losing a member of the family, but the cost of holding a service that can provide true closure is almost always worth the effort. Knowing that special someone is resting in peace can be an important part of the healing process, even if that special someone has four legs and is named Fido.

Salt Lake City’s Major Street Pet Services is a mortuary that offers all the same services and comforts for pets that you’ve come to expect from mortuaries for humans.

The building is a gorgeous remodeled home on perfectly groomed grounds, and features a viewing room, cremation options and burial services.

“Pets are members of the family and when one passes, it can be a very difficult and traumatic experience,” said owner and operator Tyler Jackson. “We try to make that process as easy as possible for everyone.”

Jackson runs the company with his wife, Jamie, whose family is in the mortuary business for humans. Taking her expertise and experience, Jamie and Tyler opened the first pet mortuary in Utah in January of this year.

“The reception has been surprisingly positive,” Jamie said. “We keep our prices low and competitive so people can have a much more positive and peaceful experience than just leaving your pet on the vet’s cold table.”

Packages begin at around $300, but the Jackson’s will help customers personalize each individual service with plaques, urns and other options. Financing options are also available. The viewing room is complimentary for use when another service is purchased and includes a comfortable and quiet space that will allow family and friends to pay their last respects.

While the services are usually utilized for dogs and cats, any pet is welcome.

“Our services are above average and we focus on the customer,” Jaime said. “We have a very welcoming and affirming environment and we welcome customers of all diverse backgrounds.”

For example, before a pet is cremated a tag is attached to him or her, and the tag is with the ashes when they are delivered. This is done to show that no misplacement of pets has happened. Also, all animals are cremated individually, so no ashes are mixed, she said. Customers are invited to watch the entire process to ensure all pets are taken care of with respect, Tyler said; though he added this is not necessary as Major Street offers only the highest-quality customer service.

“We recognize the importance that our animal companions can have in our lives,” said Jaime, who describes herself and her husband as true animal lovers. “It is so important to us that everyone find as much comfort as they can while using our services.”

For more information, go to MajorStreetPetServices.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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