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Minister accused of anti-gay assault faces theft charge

A Tennessee minister accused of ordering an assault on his son and the son’s boyfriend is also accused of stealing from his estranged wife. Jerry Pittman, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, in Fruitland, was arrested on a theft charge after his wife told police she thought he was stealing copper from the scrap yard business she owns. She told police Pittman took more than $1,000 worth of copper. Pittman faces assault charges stemming from an attack on his son and his son’s partner when the couple tried to attend his father’s church services.

Tea Party conservative attacks Occupy Wall Street protestors

As the Occupy Wall Street protests take root in metropolitan areas around the country, including Salt Lake City, one Tea Party Conservative isn’t happy. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who has voiced his support for numerous Tea Party protests, told attendees at the so-called ‘Values Voters Summit’ that the Wall Street protests were growing into a mob. Somehow protesting international companies who take billions of tax-payer dollars while unemployment hovers around 10 percent and poverty rates skyrocket is unpatriotic, but it’s perfectly fine for Cantor’s supporters to protest the government. Makes perfect sense.

New York town clerks refuse to sign marriage licenses

Since the legalization of gay marriage in New York, martyrs to the Christian cause have been claiming that as town clerks they should not have to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage seized the opportunity to broadcast the message of pity from the clerks saying that God wouldn’t want them to follow the law and issue a marriage license. NOM and the clerks are reaching for anything to show how gay marriage is influencing the religious right and affecting religious freedom.

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