Q Tattoo

We’ve always known that QSaltLake readers are true beauties and works of art. But for this special Q Tattoo feature, we asked for the most fabulous body art and here are some of our favorites.

Scott Perry

This is the Hopi clown “Koshare.” He’s known for his practical joking and he represents gluttony and clumsiness.

Rob Darke

This “family” armband is the first initial of all my family members and some friends that are like family done in Vehmic runes.

Dennette Oram

When I came out as a lesbian, I realized a lot about family, and who honestly knew what the true meaning of the word was. I was disowned by half my family. The other half of my family was very supportive and happy as long as I was happy.

Tyler Young

I decided to go with something other than “Born this Way.” I’m going to get it finished with rainbows.

Amber Draper

This is my pride and joy. A true expression of my astrological sign, the Pisces!

Ann Clark

Ganesh would do anything to protect his mother, including stand up to his father, who cut off his head not knowing it was his son. After his mother became so upset, the father replaced his head with an elephant head.

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