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Bitch brings her electric, energetic sound back to Utah

Photo Credit: BilliE Jo Cavallaro

The electric violinist and rap, rock, indie-folk artist Bitch has been featured in the movie Shortbus, the hit TV series, The L Word, and she’s coming back to Salt Lake with her latest tour. She’ll bring her high-energy, eclectic style to the Paper Moon on Dec. 4. Tickets are just $10 and can be purchased only in-person at the Paper Moon, 3737 S. State St. Bitch spoke with QSaltLake about her love for ’80s music, her musical inspirations and her new album.

Where are you and what are you working on now?

Right now I am in a little cabin in the middle of nowhere Michigan. I’m taking an artistic retreat to work on a new album. I was in the city working with this dude but we go back and forth. I’ll go in and work on the album for a little then come back out here. It’s sort of my relaxation and way to hammer some things out.

What can you tell us about the new album?

It will definitely be a little bit of a new direction. It’s going to reflect my new live show that I’ll be bringing to Salt Lake. It’s got a lot of electronic elements and a lot of violin.

When I listen to your music, I notice a maturing, even a sweetness as time goes on. How have you seen your music change over the years?

I think that’s absolutely true in a way. There has been some conciseness to the changes.  As an activist when I started making music, there was a certain rage that needed to be brought out in us. Times have changed so much and a lot of that stuff has come out. A lot of dirty laundry has been aired in the world. And now what I want to reflect is a sense of hope, although hope is a little bit of a cheesy word. I would definitely say my music has softened too. I want to nurture a beautiful goodness, where before I was raging against something.

You mentioned being an activist, what causes move you?

I think in general, I’ve always been an activist. I want to encourage all people to be free and be the best versions of themselves as possible. I am a supporter of individuality and want everyone to participate in the greater good of society.

Who inspires you? Who would I find on your iPod right now?

Oh wow. I’ve been listening to the new Toshi Reagon album. And I love Cyndi Lauper and Sinéad O’Connor , I think they go back to my preteen idols and I still listen to them.

But I really have an eclectic taste, which I think is reflected in my music. I feel equally inspired by Sesame Street, Stevie Wonder, The Muppets and Britney Spears.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music? Someone you love that you wouldn’t want people to know you love?

Every now and then when a Billy Joel song comes on the radio, I’ll jam it up and sing along.

What do you remember about Utah from your previous shows?

You can drink a lot beer there because there’s no alcohol in it. I always feel a little light-headed because of elevation. Your city has a very mystical feel. When I first visited, there was an incredible sense and feel to the show.  Because there’s a reputation to the city with the religion and whatever, I was blown away by the powerful underground and the energy of the show.

For those who haven’t been to your show, how would you describe it?

I would say it is definitely comical, fun, upbeat and with a very serious edge to it. I would describe it as electric-violin, theatrical rock. There are costumes and it’s just a really great time. We’re even working on something, I’m not sure if it’ll be ready, but I’m planning a live video stream of my mother.

I’m really looking forward to playing Salt Lake again. Alligator will be in tow, he’s basically the DJ on stage. It’s all going to be really wonderful.

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