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Teacher Bully Pulpit

Teachers and school administrators in Essex County, England, advised some students to act less gay, dress differently and wear their hair differently to avoid bullying, according to a report given to the Essex County Council. The report detailed instances where rather than addressing the larger problem of bullies and harassment, school officials told the victims to change the way they dressed and acted to avoid the attention of bullies.

Cain Pulls Ahead

Republican presidential hopeful and Godfather’s Pizza mogul Herman Cain has been facing hoards of negative media attention for alleged sexual harassment complaints and a cover-up that included hush money of more than $30,000. Cain continues to poll very well with his conservative base and is beating former frontrunner, Mitt Romney. Somehow, despite allegations of sexual misconduct and bribery, Cain continues to woo Republicans. The allegations occurred while Cain was married to his wife of more than 30 years. Cain claims he supports ‘traditional marriage’ and says gay marriage would threaten the very fabric of society.

Gays are Attacking Marriage, Again

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage board member and former executive director Maggie Gallagher knows exactly why Kim Kardashian filed for divorce 72 days after she earned $18 million for getting married: It’s the gays! Speaking to the Christian Post, Gallagher said she would not comment on Kardashian’s divorce because she didn’t know the specifics, but then left the interview with this gem, “Hollywood in general and Kim Kardashian in particular support gay marriage. Perhaps that makes sense, if the speed of her divorce reflects a reduced commitment to the marriage.” Somehow, it is the support for gay marriage that causes divorce.

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