Press refuses to print gay materials

A Norcross, Ga. printing company has refused a job to print marketing materials for Atlanta’s Gay Community Yellow Pages, citing its “Moral Objection Policy” that includes a rule rejecting “homosexual materials,” according to the Georgia Voice.

Carma Productions publisher Thomas Ryan expressed “shock” to Fatina Malik of Media Graphix after Malik refused to bid the printing of 5,000 copies of a media kit for the publication. Ryan said that the company had printed the same materials in May, 2010.

Malik responded to the bid request, saying, “Thank you for your interest in Media Graphix. We will have to decline quoting this job because it conflicts with our Moral Objection Policy. Please see the attached. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks!”

The policy rejects any printing projects that “promote or advertise homosexuality such as Gay Pride.”

It also rejects projects that involve, “alcohol, drugs, tobacco and pork, including companies such as Honey Baked Ham, Marlboro and Budweiser.”

Local “QPages” and “QSaltLake” publisher Michael Aaron says that none of the print companies in Utah have refused to print anything produced by the company, even as early as the late ’80s when he produced Triangle Magazine.

“We have had questions about certain graphics used in the publications, but even then they didn’t refuse to print,” he said. “In the ’80s we had an art piece showing a nude pregnant woman that the company printed, but asked us to review any nudity that might be in the magazine. But we have never been refused simply for being a publication for the gay community.”

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