SUU poster vandalism targets gay student, professor says

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Posters for a production previewing Southern Utah University’s Dracula have been vandalized, and some believe the show has been targeted because the student who plays Dracula is gay. Adan Bojorquez, a senior studying performing and the visual arts, told The Journal that this isn’t the first time he has been the target of discrimination.

“If there are haters out there who don’t want to come see Dracula, well, I guess, boo-hoo on them,” he told The Journal. “It’s just a show, and I’m just an actor, and we’re just putting on a production. It’s not a big deal.”

Assistant theatre professor Peter Sham told The Journal that he has seen other posters throughout the community that featured gay actors vandalized.

“The similarity of the crimes sadden me to the core because I believe the vandalism was intended as an act against SUU’s gay community,” Sham told The Journal.

After the posters were discovered, campus security was contacted and surveillance tapes are being reviewed. However, this wouldn’t be the first time posters have been vandalized due to a student’s sexuality.

Last spring, Payden Adam, who was running for student office faced similar attacks when his campaign posters were slashed and had gay slurs painted on them. The posters were vandalized with “fags” and “homo.”

“It doesn’t really bother me,” Bojorquez said. “We don’t really, or at least I don’t, consider it such a big deal if someone is trying to make a comment on my sexuality … or not liking me, I guess. It’s just quite a poor attempt at trying to do such a thing.”

Dracula opens on Nov. 17 and Bojorquez said the vandalism won’t affect the performance.

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