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Christian teacher accused of pleasuring himself during class

A 75-year-old Illinois teacher was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor for allegedly masturbating during class. Paul A. LaDuke, a teacher at Schaumburg Christian School, was arrested and charged after children interviewed said he pulled down his pants during class and began pleasuring himself. He is believed to have done this multiple times over the 10 years he has been a teacher at the school. The school’s official mission is to help “maximize each young person’s God-given potential.” The school also says that, “the faculty and staff of Schaumburg Christian School are committed to nurturing the development of the whole student.”

NOM’s latest lies

Just a week after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance a bill to repeal the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, the conservative groups are up in arms and demanding action. The National Organization for Marriage emailed an action alert to their followers claiming the Democrats in Congress are attaching it to the 2012 fiscal bill. Both the Human Rights Campaign and Senate Democrats denied such claims. NOM, which claims the utmost moral superiority over gays, is creating red herrings and making up lies to distract from its poor performance in polls, elections and other national campaigns.

Gingrich’s ‘historian’ paycheck

After scandals and debate flubs have knocked the top Republican presidential hopefuls, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is surging in polls and becoming a viable option for conservative voters. The anti-gay candidate has built his campaign dogging and attacking federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. However, he is now facing questions about a $1.6 million payout he received from Freddie Mac while he was under contract with the firm. He first claimed he was a historian for the mortgage giant. He later retracted his statement and said he offered “strategic advice,” which is code for lobbyist.

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