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Quips & Quotes

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the gay rights movement, the gay marriage movement, really does believe you’re like a racist if you think marriage is the union of husband and wife. They want to rip Genesis out of our Bibles.”

– National Organization for Marriage board member and former director Maggie Gallagher

“If you look at the topography of Iran, where are you going to strike? It’s very mountainous. That’s what makes it very difficult. … But for the United States to unilaterally go in and attack Iran to try and stop them, I would want to consult with the intelligence community, the commanders on the ground in that part of the world, which I have stated before. But we should — I don’t have all the information necessary to make that decision.”

– GOP presidential hopeful and apparent geography expert Herman Cain

 “It’s clear from the transcript — and it’s clear from the way that my remarks are being actively and maliciously misrepresented — that the people pushing this “Dan Savage is transphobic!” meme are not honest actors. False accusations of engaging hate speech are themselves a form hate speech—particularly in the hothouse environment of LGBT activism. Any honest reader of my column, like any honest person who attended my Q&A at UCI, knows that not only I am not transphobic, I’m pretty rabidly pro-trans.”

– Columnist and queer-rights activist Dan Savage

“The bottom line is … there’s a special place in hell for these people. … It’s bad enough to believe in something and pursue something because you think you’re on the side of good or though you might be misguided but you are following your conscience, but when you think something is wrong and you vote for it out of political expediency, that’s even worse in my book and we saw that here.”

– Democratic Rep. Jennifer Weiss criticizing Republican support of an anti-gay marriage measure

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