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SNAP: ‘Ex-gay’ clinic on verge of collapse

The ‘ex-gay’ Christian clinic Exodus International is reportedly fighting to stay afloat and recently held a board meeting predicting the demise of the organization. The meeting was called by the president of Exodus, Alan Chambers, who said the meeting was a “Hail Mary.” The group is seeking to climb out of devastating debt. Just three years ago, during the height of the real-estate bubble, it purchased a building for more than $1.1 million. While shedding as many financial obligations as possible, according to IRS documents, Exodus burned through more than $200,000 in savings in 2010. If the group continues its current trajectory, it’s likely that it will be forced to close in the near future.

SNAP: Minn. Governor establishes statewide bullying task force

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton issued an executive order establishing a task force to study bullying in school. It will consist of 15 people and will look into the best practices, the existing laws and the reports of bullying in public schools. The task force will also define what constitutes bullying and make policy recommendations by August 2012.

SLAP: Nigeria Senate votes to ban same-sex relationships

The Nigeria Senate passed a bill that would outlaw same-sex marriage in the country and make any ceremony punishable by 14 years in prison. However, the bill broadly defines marriage as any relationship, which means that any gay couple is in danger of being incarcerated. The bill also extends a 10-year sentence for anyone who encourages or witnesses same-sex relationships, meaning friends of gay couples are at risk as well. The Nigeria House has yet to vote on the bill and then would need approval by the president.

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