Fewer companies receive perfect score from HRC equality index

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After making the analysis of corporate equality stricter, fewer companies made a perfect grade on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index than last year. However, there are 190 companies, including 10 of the top 20-ranked Fortune 500 companies that received a perfect 100 percent score. In the first year, 2002, only 13 companies made the grade.

The HRC’s CEI grades companies on access to domestic partnership benefits, non-discrimination policies for gender identity and sexual orientation; the addition this year included health care for transgender individuals.

More than half of the Fortune 500 companies now include transgender health care issues, which is a growth rate of 1,567 percent since 2002. There are now 207 companies offering health care for trans issues, which is up from 85 last year and 49 in 2009. The number of Fortune 500 companies offering domestic partnership benefits has increased by 76 percent since 2002.

A total of 850 businesses were rated in the 2012 CEI, including the entire Fortune 500. There were 277 Fortune 500 companies that voluntarily submitted surveys; the remaining 214 were rated based on publicly available data. In addition, 65 Fortune 1000 companies, 134 law firms and 160 other companies voluntarily participated in the survey.

In spite of the wide-spread support for a federal non-discrimination act, there are no laws barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. A recent survey indicated 77 percent of the American public support such a law. Americans can also still be terminated in 29 states on the basis of their sexual orientation, and in 34 states on the basis of their gender identity. According to a November 2011 HRC/Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research poll, 87 percent of the American public believes that it’s already illegal under federal law to fire someone for being gay and 78 percent believe that it’s illegal under state law.

“Corporate America is leading the charge for equality in the workplace,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “We commend the businesses that participated in the CEI.  They understand that LGBT-inclusive workplace policies are the right thing to do and good business practices.”


Fortune 500 Top 20 HRC Corporate Equality Index Results


  1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.:  60
  2. Exxon Mobil Corp.:  -25
  3. Chevron Corp.: 100
  4. General Electric Co.: 60
  5. Bank of America Corp.: 100
  6. ConocoPhillips: 55
  7. AT&T Inc.:  100
  8. Ford Motor Co.: 100
  9. JPMorgan Chase & Co.:  100
  10. Hewlett-Packard Co.: 100
  11. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.: 15
  12. Citigroup Inc.: 100
  13. Verizon Communications Inc.: 20
  14. McKesson Corp.:  60
  15. General Motors Co.: 80
  16. AIG: 85
  17. Cardinal Health Inc.: 100
  18. CVS Caremark Corp.: 75
  19. Wells Fargo & Co.: 100
  20. International Business Machines Corp. (IBM): 100

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