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Make a commitment before marriage

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Even as a gay man, gay culture sometimes confuses me. We are all working so hard to promote marriage equality, yet there are many voices who proclaim that marriage isn’t really a contract between two people that should be honored sexually. Marriage is something people should enter into when they know that the person they love is who they want to spend the rest of their lives with and be faithful to. Marriage should be sacred for the simple fact that it’s a promise people make to each other to always be there for support, no matter what happens in life. If you don’t want to fully devote yourself to a person, and that includes sexually, then don’t commit to marriage – this seems like a simple proposition to me. Marriage is about totally giving yourself over to the person you love and giving them everything. Open relationships are what they are – if you’re fine with that in your life, that’s your thing, but you can’t honestly say you’re ready to commit yourself to someone if you’re fine screwing around on each other. If cheating was OK, there wouldn’t be so many couples breaking up over it. Until all the boys grow up and become men, there will be a big stumbling block in front of us as far as marriage equality is concerned; it’s not a hard concept, but one many of us seem unwilling to grasp.


Adam McDonald

West Valley City

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