Marcus Bachmann drops unpaid ‘ex-gay’ therapy bill

Marcus Bachmann, husband of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, has dropped a request for payment from a queer-rights activist who infiltrated his so-called reparative therapy group.

A message, left by a Bachmann & Associates’ billing representative, told Truth Wins Out Communications Director John Becker, said the charges were dropped by personal request from Bachmann.

Becker attended and secretly recorded a session where Bachmann promised to ‘cure’ his homosexuality. After attending one session, Becker canceled another two, but he received calls from the clinic demanding payment anyway.

“We feel vindicated that Marcus Bachmann has ended his vindictive campaign to punish us for exposing his clinic’s ‘ex-gay’ therapy practice,” Becker said in a statement on his organization’s website. “Reason triumphed over retaliation today – Bachmann made a wise decision to move on with his life and avoid further damage to his reputation.”

Bachmann has pledged to make attacking gay marriage his primary goal if his wife is elected to the presidency.

“We are going to get this message across,” Bachmann said at a rally. “Marriage is between one man and one woman. We are going to promote families.”

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