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SLAP: Romney’s anti-gay marriage plan

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a three-tiered plan to prevent gay marriage from occurring and he shared it in great detail with the editorial board at the Boston Herald. His first step is to pass a Constitutional amendment banning anymore gay marriages occurring in any state. Second, he’ll make the marriages already performed stay legal, to avoid confusion. And third, he’ll define marriage as strictly for straight couples and permit them to have all the rights and privileges of a government-recognized union. “Flip-flop” Romney was the governor of Massachusetts when the state legalized gay marriage.

SLAP: ‘Family-values’ Republican forced out of the closet

Greg Davis, Republican mayor of Southaven, Miss., who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008 on a conservative, family-values platform, was forced out of the closet after an audit revealed purchases he made at a gay sex store. After the results of the audit were published, Davis, who is married and has three children, admitted to trying to keep that part of his life a secret. While running for Congress, and in his current mayoral position, Davis touted his conservative, pro-family, anti-gay marriage stance.

SNAP: Gay marriage means healthier gays

A study of gay men, before and after the passage of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, showed a 13 percent drop in their visits to health clinics after gay marriage was legalized. The study, conducted by Columbia University, followed more than 1,100 gay men for 12 months before and after gay marriage was legalized and found a significant drop in clinical visits. The study suggests that a legalized union can provide a much-needed psychological benefit to gay men.

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