Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage rate plummets

A lower percentage of American adults are married now than at any other point in the nation’s history. With barely more than half, 51 percent, of adults tying the knot, experts are speculating on why the sudden drop. Some say it is the economy, others argue it’s an increased acceptance of cohabitation, and others say it is more young Americans putting an education and career before starting off the family life. To give contrast, in 1960, about three-fourth of American adults were married. This same trend is occurring in most post-industrial societies.

Smothering with love

Country singer Rodney Atkins was arrested in Tennessee for domestic assault after he allegedly tried to smother his wife with a pillow. Atkins has since filed for divorce and insists his wife is making the situation up. According to court documents, his wife, Tammy Atkins, called 911 and said the two had been arguing all evening when it turned violent.  Tammy told police that the entire ordeal took place in front of their 10-year-old son. Rodney was booked into jail and later released on $2,500 bail.

Man stabs wife in Walmart, store stays open

After a 46-year-old South Carolina man fatally stabbed his wife in the Walmart where she was employed, police roped off the bloody crime scene, but the store remained open. Avery Blandin, 46, is facing murder charges for brutally stabbing his wife, Lila Blandin, 38. Customers in the store told local news they were appalled at the amount of blood all around the bank area where the murder occurred.

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